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In the next two days, Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue visited the parties to the sexual assault cases. They were children when they were assaulted by Zheng Guohao. Now, they had just entered society and the things from the past lingered around like everlasting shadows. It was cruel to re-open their scars and wonder if they were suspects of the murders.

Even though Lin Dongxue was as gentle and sympathetic as possible, the interview process was still very sad and painful.

However, after verifying the testimony of these girls one by one, Chen Shi found that they were unlikely to be suspects. Of course, it was not ruled out that some of them may have forged their alibis, but when Chen Shi faced them, his intuition told him that he didn’t need to suspect them.

The murderer showed not only enthusiasm for revenge, but also a meticulous technique and no traces of a consciousness. Chen Shi felt that the murderer was not an ordinary person. He even had the idea that the murderer might not be a victim but was playing the role of a punisher. The executioner of scum.

On the morning of May 24th, Chen Shi went to the bureau. Lin Dongxue saw his face and asked, “Did you not sleep well?”

“Last night, I just rolled around back and forth. This is the most uncomfortable part of the process.”

“Is it so difficult to quit smoking?”

“I’m talking about the case. It’s in a frozen state with no leads.”

“Let's go. It's time for the meeting.”

At the case discussion meeting, everyone summarized the clues on hand. Peng Sijue’s autopsy report confirmed that the weapon used was one and the same. Attorney Bai died at 11:00PM on May 20th, just three hours after he spoke with the police.

The cup found in Attorney Bai's house was tested, only to contain soda. Both cups had the same findings. The killer wiped their fingerprints and lip prints while cleaning.

The footprints in Attorney Bai's house were still very vague, similar to the second set of footprints in Zheng Guohao's house.

In the surveillance video materials, nobody was found entering or leaving Zheng Guohao’s community in a group of two. Attorney Bai's community didn’t have surveillance footage at all. At about 10:45PM, something suddenly flew towards the camera and everything had been blank since.

The technicians repeatedly watched the videos and confirmed that it was done by a slingshot. The murderer broke the camera with a slingshot before entering the attorney’s area.

However, there was also good news. The object that broke the camera was still embedded in the camera. Although there were no fingerprints on it, there was some plant fragrance remaining. There are hundreds of perfumes that match this, but it was certain that it’s a violet’s fragrance.

Lin Qiupu printed out the photos of the people who were even slightly suspicious in the footage found in Zheng Guohao’s community and handed them around. The killer didn’t have superpowers and the security at the commun

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