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Lin Qiupu stared at Yi Qing and said, "Zhao Puyang went to the crime scene that day?"

"Yes!" Yi Qing said slowly. "I didn’t want to say this for the purpose of protecting her. Zhao Puyang ran out of the orphanage that day. I struggled to find her, but it was too late... You should know what Zhao Puyang has experienced. She hates that man who sexually assaults minors."

"That's nonsense. Zhao Puyang's affairs were all planned by you! Zheng Guohao had no relationship with her. Why would Zhao Puyang run to kill the man who sexually assaulted you back then?"

Yi Qing's eyes were ice cold. She said, "You can ask Zhao Puyang."

"How horrible. How can you use someone underage as a shield? How long do you think your lie will hold up for?"

"We should wait until you have evidence before we continue talking!"

Lin Qiupu glared at her unwaveringly and said, "Take Zhao Puyang back for investigation."

When Zhao Puyang was taken away, Yi Qing ran out and said, "Puyang, don't be afraid. I’ll find a lawyer for you!"

Her words were like the law. Zhao Puyang suddenly didn’t resist and let the police take her away.

Sure enough, Zhao Puyang was Yi Qing’s trump card, as Chen Shi had expected. She must have explained to Zhao Puyang long ago. Zheng Guohao was killed by the two of them. It was just his reasoning, but there wasn’t any direct evidence. The only evidence that could be traced at the scene was Zhao Puyang’s.

Even if Dr. Li and Zhao Puyang testified against Yi Qing at the same time, and even if she was detained, Yi Qing would be released in court due to the lack of evidence, just like her father's car accident case back then.

Yi Qing, who was standing in front of the door facing Chen Shi, faintly smiled. Lin Dongxue asked, "We’re letting her go just like that?"

"There will be evidence! There will be evidence." Chen Shi repeated.

After the police left, Yi Qing returned to her lounge and poured a cup of tea with shaking hands and drank it all up.

Putting down the teacup, she brushed a strand of hair off her forehead. In her mind, she didn’t know how many times the case was repeated in her head. Yes, she didn’t leave any traces, and Zhao Puyang wouldn’t betray her either.

All she had to do now was keep up her silence. Her confession was the only hope for the police to arrest her.

The door behind her slowly opened, and Yi Qing turned around suddenly. When she met Gu You's eyes, Yi Qing asked, "Miss Gu, is there something wrong?"

"How is the taste of revenge?"


"It has always been hatred that supported you ‘til now. But, isn’t the moment of great revenge extremely empty? Doesn’t it feel like life has lost its purpose? There are two things in life that are the most depressing: Having nothing and having your desires granted. The flame of vengeance was so dazzling. Once it was extinguished, only darkness was left in your world. You only realized then that you were such a despicable fellow

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