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The bearded man handed Teacher Gao a bag full of small, but long and narrow parchment bags. Teacher Gao said, "For safety reasons, we need all of you to turn off your phones, put them in these bags, and write your name on the bags. I won’t touch the phones. I’ll return them to you after we reach the exam venue early tomorrow morning or pass them directly to your parents. Come, pass them towards the back!

The two rows of students began to pass bags. Xu Xiaodong thought that Brother Chen was like a deity that could foresee the future. He hid the other cell phone in his shoes.

However, it was embarrassing that Xu Xiaodong didn’t have a pen. He saw other students take out their stationery bags with their exam admission tickets, ID cards, pens, pencils, erasers, etc. Li Mengran said, "Didn’t you bring any stationery?"

"My mom was afraid that I would lose my ID and will come over and give them to me before the exam tomorrow." Xu Xiaodong lied on the spot.

"Then how will you do the exam papers tonight?" Li Mengran handed a ballpoint pen over to him. "Use mine for now!"

"Thank you."

Xu Xiaodong found that the mobile phones were placed into three bags with the numbers "1,2, and 3" written on the bags. He wondered what was up with that.

Immediately after that, the bearded man distributed mineral water to everyone. The atmosphere inside the car relaxed a little. Some students who knew each other were chatting and most of them were talking about how much they were looking forward to university life. Xu Xiaodong heard a girl complaining, "I don’t know whether I should apply for Peking University or Tsinghua University. Tsinghua University’s science and technology courses are the best but Peking University has a rich culture. Haii, they are both in Beijing. When I think about being so far away from home, I feel so lonely."

Li Mengran said gloomily, "My dad was two points away from getting into Peking University and regretted it all his life. I’m tired of hearing his complaints, so he pinned all his hopes on me and desperately urged me to study. I scored just over 650 in the mock exams, but he is obsessed and said that it has to be Peking University. If it’s not Peking University, it won’t do. If I can’t get into Peking University, he said I’d no longer be his daughter. I really don’t know what’s so good about Peking University. Is it built of gold?”

Xu Xiaodong couldn't help but feel sympathetic, and whispered, "Don't you think they’re scammers?"

Li Mengran laughed. "I actually wish they are scammers so that my dad will suffer some loss. In the future, if he mentions Peking University, I’ll bring this back up so that he’ll lose face!"

At that moment, the bus stopped, and the exam candidates looked out of the windows. Teacher Gao asked the students in the first eight rows on the right to get off and then to get inside a van. Xu Xiaodong saw three identical vans parked outside.

He thought that the scammers were r

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