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In a rental unit in Long'an, the computer in the house and the person sitting in front of the computer had been working for ten hours without rest. The table was filled with jars of energy drinks and leftover takeaway boxes.

Sun Zhen rubbed his eyes. The screen was covered with dense code. He was currently fixing a bug and had spent up to five hours on this one part.

A child's sharp scream came from the floor upstairs, piercing the eardrum like an awl. Sun Zhen frowned in annoyance, and then a woman's shrill voice yelled, “Don't bully your brother so much! Give him his snacks back!”

Sun Zhen was very annoyed that it was so noisy around this time of the day every day. It was only 10:00 in the morning. It was so noisy that it didn't allow people to work.

He picked up a mop and slammed it hard against the ceiling multiple times, but the noise didn't stop. The cement powder from the roof came off due to his actions and fell on his youthful but dead brain.

Sun Zhen dropped the mop and paced around the room, brewing half a day’s worth of courage, ready to go up to ask them to stop. However, when he opened the door, he saw two men looking at his unit number. “Does Little Worm live here?”, “He should be!”

Hearing this familiar name, Sun Zhen asked in surprise, “Who are you looking for?”

“Little Worm?” kk put on a big smile.

“I think you’ve got the wrong person.” Sun Zhen frowned, preparing to close the door.

At this time, a very elegant woman with short hair came up. Gu You complained, “You didn't wait for me. Climbing up the stairs in heels is really tiring!”

Sun Zhen opened his mouth slightly and said, “Come in!”

“Come and drink some coffee.” Sun Zhen passed Gu You a cup of coffee, to which Gu You nodded in thanks.

“Why isn’t there any for us? This is obviously sexism.” kk complained.

“What do you want with me?” Sun Zhen sat down. “I'm busy.”

“You’re Little Worm, right?” Chen Shi said.

Everyone had already come in, so Sun Zhen didn’t deny it any longer. “Yes!”

After listening to Chen Shi's words, Sun Zhen was shocked and looked around at the three people. “You really are kk, the Steel Snail and... Master Ge?”

“In the flesh.” Chen Shi said.

“I have to think about what you’ve said. After all, as a freelance programmer. I’m very busy.”

“This matter can't wait. We need your hacking skills. No one in the group is better than you.” Gu You said.

Looking at Gu You's white and clean face, Sun Zhen's cheeks flushed, “Well I can, but...”

kk pulled out something out of nowhere and said, “Wow, what kind of toy is this? Is it a butt plug? Programmers really know how to play!”

“Get lost!” Sun Zhen raged as he grabbed the item and rushed it back into the cabinet.

kk took out the phone from his pocket in one swift motion and examined it in his hand. “Wow, the latest Apple iPhone. Did you exchange it for a kidney?”

“Let it go.”

“What did I tell you?” Chen Shi said stern

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