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Lin Qiupu mumbled, “Li Min told me that the deceased gave him 100,000 yuan over multiple payments this month. Could it be that he lied to me? Go and check Li Min's bank balance tomorrow.”

Peng Sijue came in and threw down a report. “The time of death was around 1:00PM. There was alcohol and some drug residues in the stomach, and the deceased's right index finger was stained with tongue hair. He tried to vomit the poison up by inducing himself with his finger. The direct cause of death was suffocation caused by the rupture of the diaphragm, which overlapped with the toxicosis. I don’t know if it was intentional by the killer. The three knife wounds were struck into the lungs and diaphragm, perfectly avoiding the ribs. The victim suffocated for over a minute before he died. In addition to his sexual organ being cut off, the body also had several scars and bone fractures left after being killed. It seems like the murderer had performed a series of angry assaults against the body.”

“What was the type of poison used?”

“Diazepam. It can calm the person and inhibit the central nervous system. It’s also used in clinical anesthesia. Although it’s a prescribed drug, it’s not difficult to obtain. Diazepam itself requires a large dosage for it to be lethal, but if it’s mixed with alcohol, it would be lethal just by using a few grams.”

Chen Shi said, “Comedy master Chaplin died after taking this drug.”

“It seems that the killer was well prepared,” Lin Qiupu said, “They were more professional than expected.”

Peng Sijue went on to say, “The bottle of vodka that was meant for the killer also has some ingredients that have not been tested yet. My gut feeling says that it’s an aphrodisiac or sleeping medication. That’s why the deceased poured vodka for the killer but drank brandy instead.”

“The praying mantis hunts the cicada, but the Eurasian siskin follows behind.” Chen Shi commented.

“Shouldn’t we say that the cicada is the Eurasian siskin in this scenario?” Lin Dongxue said. “If you look at it this way, it’s unlikely that the deceased would pour medicated alcohol for Li Min, so Li Min probably has no reason to be suspected?”

“Not necessarily. What if it's for Li Min's daughter? She's fourteen years old this year.”

“Pouring a glass of alcohol in front of Li Min?”

Chen Shi explained, “I understand something now. I understand why there was alcohol on the doorknob. The killers are two people, A and B. A went into the house first. While the victim was unaware, they poisoned the alcohol and stirred it with their fingers. The victim struggled violently when the poison took effect. At this time, A opened the door for B to come in. The murder weapon might have also been brought in by B. The possibility that A is a young girl is quite large. They used the victim’s lust to lure him into this trap. This was a carefully prepared plan to hunt the hunter.”

“Li Min's daughter came first, and then Li Min came later. It makes se

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