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Wang Haitao took out his mobile phone and made a call. Five minutes later, an uncle with a receding hairline ran down and grabbed the hand of a prosperous-looking passer-by, “You’re Mr. Wang, right? Thank you for your help in saving my agency that was facing so much hardship.”

The passer-by said in confusion, "I’m just going to the restaurant next door to eat."

Wang Haitao beckoned and called out, "This way, this way!"

The uncle then realized his mistake, went over to grab Wang Haitao's hand and said, "I'm sorry, so you’re Mr. Wang. You really look like a distinguished man!"

"Take us up to take a look!"

Chen Shi asked in surprise, "You’ve already bought the place?"

"If it’s something you want, then it’s all up to human effort!" Wang Haitao laughed.

"It’s up to your wealth!" Chen Shi corrected.

The agency was pitifully small. There were only two offices connected to each other with a toilet to the side. A positive point was that there was plenty of sunlight. The words "Wan Shi Da Information Consulting Agency" were stuck onto the large floor-to-ceiling window, which let sunlight into the dingy office.

Chen Shi asked, "Are you the only one working?"

"I haven't been able to pay wages and several employees stopped coming. If you want to hire them, I have their personal information here. All of them are retired veterans and can be trusted to be reliable."

"Let me take a look!" Wang Haitao said.

Chen Shi waved his hands desperately. He felt that Wang Haitao was just acting out of impulse, so it was best that he didn’t spend so much money.

After giving them the information and the contract, the owner handed out cigarettes and poured tea. Chen Shi reached out towards the pack of hard Zhonghua, and then pulled his right hand back with his left hand. He said to himself, "Self-control! Self-control!"

"How did it turn out like this? Was business bad?" Wang Haitao asked.

"The pool of clients is fine. But the rent has risen recently, and there are other expenses that we can’t afford. Furthermore, my father’s sick.”

Chen Shi listened and knew in his heart that this was obviously due to mismanagement, but the owner would definitely not say this directly.

Chen Shi whispered to Wang Haitao, "I feel like it’ll be hard for this place to be profitable. If you want to experience this kind of life, I won’t stop you, but I’m guessing that the ownership will be transferred again after a few days."

"Don't abandon me. I don't know anything. At most, I'll be a Watson for you."

"You’ll just be peanut butter!" Chen Shi smiled. He thought for a moment. He didn’t really have much to lose. "Okay, I'll play along with you for a few days. I'll continue driving once it’s over."

"Okay!" Wang Haitao was very happy and said to the owner, "The money has just been paid. You should sign the transfer contract!"

"Ah!" The owner agreed happily.

After the formal transfer, the owner briefed them on some

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