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The three sat at the table with three cups of tea, calm as if they were holding a family meeting.

Reuniting with his old online friend, Chen Shi also felt lots of emotions inside of him.

Most of the young people back then were mostly not content with their lives and kept bumping into obstacles in real life. That’s why they came up with such a game to release stress. They learned and exchanged criminal skills and issued tasks to each other every Wednesday. There were pranks, simulated robberies, simulated kidnappings, and simulated murder. In the quiet midnight city, no door or wall could stop them. This group of restless young people felt like they were wielding superpowers.

Breaking order was so interesting that they never considered the dangerous consequences of tasting this "Black Honey".

Chen Shi said, "It was just ignorance at that time. I thought it was cool to have a skill that others didn’t. We called it cathartic, but now that I think about it, did these people join 'Black Honey' just for fun? It’s hard to understand people’s hearts. Part of it is due to hatred towards someone and wanting to learn criminal skills to take their revenge. There were also some people who were the original kind, but found that taking shortcuts could achieve their goals faster and then went onto the wrong path… I often thought that this game should never have started.”

Gu You rubbed the edge of the tea cup with a slight smile. "But you and I have not taken on the evil path. You used it to overcome the crime. To me, it was really a means of catharsis... I was studying for graduate school and had a repetitive and monotonous life. The obstacles mentors purposely gave me and the indifference among my classmates annoyed me. This prank-type game allowed me to breathe. I feel that the evil of the human heart needs to be released regularly, otherwise it will change its form due to suppression.”

"There are many people in this world. They all have their own stress factors. Do they all have to dive into other people's houses late at night to release their stress to have a good life? Some evils are better buried in the heart. They are like fire. After leaving the furnace, they will ignite everything around them.” Chen Shi paused. "Let’s not discuss the concept first. I have a question for you. Is Zhou Xiao also a member?"

"Yes! In fact, I have been looking for him for the last few years. I want to kill him myself!" Gu You gritted her teeth.

Tao Yueyue looked at Chen Shi and Gu You, saying, "Uncle Chen, Sister Gu, have you not met before?"

"No!" They said in unison.

"Then, how did you play together?"

"Internet!" Chen Shi smiled. "The ‘Black Honey’ platform was a very hidden website. We discussed with each other anonymously over the Internet. There were more than 20 people at its peak. Later, something happened and ‘Black Honey’ changed.”

"The tragic case at Villa Luolin!" Gu You’s eyes looked as though they were glowing. "I

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