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Lin Dongxue showed her badge. "We are looking for Teacher Yi Qing."

When the other party saw the document, they acted calmly. "I don’t count as a teacher. I'm just a childcare worker. What would you be needing me for?"

"It's a bit offensive to talk about this actually. Would you mind changing places to talk about this?"

"Okay, please follow me."

The three got to the lounge and Chen Shi looked around. He found that the woman had a good taste in life. She put bright and clean bone China tea sets on the shelves. The flowers and pot plants on the windowsill seemed to be looked after every day. On top of the table that was close to the wall, a lot of classic and philosophy books were placed on top of it.

Lin Dongxue expressed, "The environment is really elegant. This welfare institution gives me a feeling that’s different from the others."

"We are privately run and our facilities are better than the public ones."

"Is there a profit channel?"

"Officer, you must be joking. How could an orphanage have a profit channel? Of course, if we have to, we will sell some handmade works made by the children to subsidize daily expenses... Would you like some tea?"

"Just water would be fine."

Yi Qing poured tea for the two of them and Chen Shi admired her posture, thinking that she was an elegant woman. At the same time, he felt like danger was hidden under this woman’s elegance.

Yi Qing sat down and crossed her hands on her skirt. "What would you like to talk to me about?"

Lin Dongxue explained her intentions. Chen Shi had been observing Yi Qing and when her sexual assault was mentioned, she was too calm.

Yi Qing responded, "You’ve investigated very deeply. My father pushed me into the fire pit ten years ago. That night has been unforgettable for me, which has led me to have a strong sense of insecurity and distrust towards adults... I often think that an old man can easily ruin another person's life if he just sought pleasure for one night. The other person would feel like they were living in hell. The world is really unfair, but I have always endured it in silence and have never thought of using violence to solve it. Even if he’s dead, my psychological trauma won’t disappear."

"Do you have a car?"


"Do you know how to drive?"

Yi Qing shook her head. "No."

"Where were you from noon to 6:00PM on May 20th? This is just some standard questioning."

"I took a child to the hospital. The doctor can testify to this."

"Do you have the contact information for him?"

Yi Qing gave Lin Dongxue a contact method and Chen Shi interjected, "We want to meet that child."

"She’s quite scared of strangers. I'm afraid she won't cooperate."

"It doesn't matter."

"Come with me."

Yi Qing took them to the courtyard and pointed to a girl who was playing alone in the corner. The girl was about twelve years old. The content of what she was playing was quite "novel". She was sharpening bran

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