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Li Min's words surprised the police present. Through handling cases previously, they’d seen a lot of shameless people in their time, but they had never seen people as shameless as the deceased, Zheng Guohao.

Lin Qiupu roughly recorded Li Min's words and said, “I will check what you said. Don’t leave Long’an in the near future and keep your phone on.”

Li Min slapped his chest really hard. “My body stands straight and tall and I’m not afraid of my shadow being slanted. I didn't kill him. Please investigate as you please... But can my daughter's affairs be kept confidential?”

“You can rest assured on that.”

After bidding farewell to Li Min, Lin Qiupu read Lin Dongxue's message in the project group. She sent, “Attorney Bai has been killed. Hurry on over if you can. The address is...”

“No way?” Lin Qiupu directed the crowd. “Let’s hurry over.”

Attorney Bai died in his own home. When Lin Dongxue and Chen Shi didn’t get through to his phone, they went to his office. Colleagues said that he didn’t come to work today, so they went to his house to visit him. The curtains were closed and his car was parked downstairs.

After knocking on the door several times, no one answered. Chen Shi had a bad gut feeling. He immediately broke the door open and found Attorney Bai dead on the sofa.

He was wearing a button-up shirt, home trousers, and slippers. He lay on the sofa with his eyes rolled back. His chest was stabbed with a sharp weapon and the blood had already spilled into a large pool. He held some documents in his hands. A lot of blood dripped onto the documents that were scattered on the ground.

Chen Shi picked up some documents and skimmed over them. “These are all the previous cases of sexual assault. Isn't this person only responsible for representing rapists?”

Lin Dongxue said, “The door lock is intact... He looks like he was talking to someone about the case, and the murderer should have been brought in by Attorney Bai... The way he’s dressed...”

“What do you think of it?” Chen Shi encouraged.

“He seems to have returned home, ready to rest, but then he suddenly had a guest visit, so he hurriedly put on a button-up shirt.”

“Correct!” Chen Shi went to the bathroom and glanced inside. “The hot water was still boiling in there. If this deadly visitor didn't come, he might have taken a bath and gone to bed... It should have been a case committed last night.”

Chen Shi squatted down, looked at the glass coffee table at an angle so that the light hit the table, and said, “A cup was put on the table. Was it taken away?”

“The poisoning method again?”

Chen Shi went into the kitchen. From the house’s details, it could be seen that Attorney Bai was very fond of neatness and order. He may even have obsessive-compulsive disorder. Everything was arranged in an extremely organized manner. Chen Shi opened the cupboards row after row until he found a drawer that only held glass cups. There were two which had

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