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Lin Qiupu questioned, "So, you lied for her?"

Dr. Li bowed his head in guilt. "It rained early this month. She ran to my house to find me in the rain. When we met, she cried. My heart hurt so much. She asked me if I was willing to do anything for her. I obviously said yes. She then asked me to make a fake surgery record on May 20th and asked me not to tell anyone afterwards.”

"You didn't think that this was used to forge an alibi back then?"

"Alibi?" Dr. Li was so frightened that he broke out in cold sweat. "You mean… You mean... She killed someone?”

"How did she lie to you back then?"

"She only said that she had a secret. If I could help her once, she was willing to share it with me... Listening to this, I felt that she might be willing to accept me, so of course I was willing to do it!"

"You didn’t express any doubts even when the police questioned you afterwards?"

"I asked her, but she asked me to not say anything. She said that we were grasshoppers on a rope, which indicated that we would start dating once we get through this… Now that I think about it, she was probably lying to me again. But I really didn’t dare to tell the truth to the police because I molested that girl. Molesting minors would send me to jail!”

"It’s true that you’ll have to go to jail." Lin Qiupu sighed.

"I was bewitched by her though! I didn’t do it willingly." The doctor burst into tears.

"Listen, you can help us so that we can help you fight for leniency."

The doctor covered his face and wept, "I didn't kill anyone or set fire to anything. I’ve been honest and followed all the rules since childhood. Why should I go to jail? Wouldn’t my career be ruined?"

Lin Qiupu felt that the doctor was pretty unlucky to be used by Yi Qing's beauty and manipulation. He fell into a trap and didn't know he was an accomplice to a crime.

A woman like Yi Qing, full of intellect and charm, appearing in the life of an ordinary doctor was akin to the arrival of an angel. Lin Qiupu thought that if it were him, he wouldn’t be able to guarantee that he would act completely rationally either.

"Is there anything else you’d like to add?" Lin Qiupu asked. "You have no intention of committing a crime. It would be good for you to provide more clues."

The doctor thought about it and said, "The woman told me to steal medicine or needles and give her patient information."

"When was this? Why did she ask you to do this?"

"Since last October. The stolen drugs weren’t anything illegal. They were just regular prescription drugs. She would tell me the reason at first, but then she gradually stopped talking about her motives. As soon as I finished my mission, she would reward me, which was just praising me. Or, she’d promise to accompany me to dinner, but my heart was already so happy that it could explode."

The doctor successively talked about these things, but it didn't sound like it related to the case itself. Chen Shi listened from

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