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Zhao Puyang was shaking with anger at the time. She really wanted to flatten the man's nose with a punch, but she restrained herself. She kept looking at the door. She knew that Teacher Yi was guarding her outside.

Zheng Guohao asked wretchedly, "Would you like to take a bath to see if your body is dirty?"

Zhao Puyang nodded.

While Zheng Guohao went to the bathroom to heat the water up, she put the poison that they had prepared in advance into Zheng Guohao's alcohol and stirred it with her fingers to let it dissolve quickly.

Zheng Guohao came back and touched Zhao Puyang's back. He said, "Uncle likes obedient girls like you. Obedient girls are popular everywhere they go. The water is hot now. Take off your clothes... Come on, uncle will help you!"

Zheng Guohao held up Zhao Puyang’s hands. The situation made her very scared. She shivered and said, "I'll do it myself."

"Okay, don't be afraid. Uncle is an adult!" Zheng Guohao picked the glass of alcohol up with a smile, took a sip, suddenly frowned, and began coughing. When he stood up, he stumbled and fell to the ground. He held his throat and as he felt an extremely painful sensation.

Watching Zheng Guohao struggling on the ground, Zhao Puyang was so scared that she couldn't move an inch. Murder was such a terrifying thing.

Zheng Guohao struggled to crawl to the sink, vomited, drank water, and then vomited again. It seemed like the symptoms of poisoning were beginning to ease.

Aware of the bad situation, Zhao Puyang hurried to open the door and Yi Qing rushed in. Before Zheng Guohao had turned around to react, she quickly rushed over and stabbed him in the back.

After killing him, Yi Qing commended Zhao Puyang for her bravery, then cleaned up the crime scene, took off her blood-stained jacket, and stuffed it into her bag... Yi Qing was dressed like a man that day, wearing a hat.

After they went downstairs, they got into the car stolen by Yi Qing, but she didn't start the car immediately. Zhao Puyang asked, "Why aren’t we leaving?"

Yi Qing smiled. "If we leave now, it’ll be filmed by the police and the police will find us."

Zhao Puyang was very impressed and felt that Yi Qing was very smart.

The two sat in the car all afternoon, during which Zheng Guohao's housekeeper found the body and called the police. A group of people gathered at the door. Zhao Puyang was afraid and hid in Yi Qing's arms, but Yi Qing seemed very calm.

In the evening, the two left the community and went to another place. Yi Qing asked Zhao Puyang to stay in the car for a while. She changed her clothes, put on a wig, hid a knife on her body, took out a slingshot, and suddenly broke the surveillance monitor above them. Then, she calmly entered the community.

Half an hour later, Yi Qing returned and smiled at Zhao Puyang. "It's done."

After that, Zhao Puyang was very scared and kept asking if the police would come to find them. Yi Qing told her, "It doesn't matt

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