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Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue went to the first floor miserably and Lin Dongxue complained, “He’s just a servant, but he had such a big attitude... What now?”

“Call your brother! Bring more people over.”

“What? Are you going to make it clear now?”

“I think X may be here. After you call, go to Old Man Lu's room and keep watch. Don't let anyone except Dr. Xu in. I’ll be outside and won’t let anyone out.”

“Isn’t it a bit too risky?”

“Old Man Lu has invited so many doctors over. It seems that the operation is imminent. X will not allow the operation to proceed. The long night will have many dreams. It’s best to resolve this now... Although he is a nasty old man, I don't want him to die.”

“Your last sentence seems a bit redundant!” Lin Dongxue smiled and took out the phone.

Immediately after the call was made, all the lights there suddenly turned black. The slick-back screamed in fear, “Oh no, the old man’s equipment!”

There was the sound of footsteps in the dark and Chen Shi once again reminded, “Someone wants to kill him. Hurry upstairs! No one except Dr. Xu is allowed to go in!”

“How about you?”

“I’ll think of a way to solve this.”

Lin Dongxue quickly went upstairs and a bunch of people were running towards Old Man Lu's ward. Lin Dongxue shouted, “No one is allowed in!”

The slick-back fiercely asked, “Who are you? Is it your turn to speak here?!”

The malevolent-spirited woman recognized Lin Dongxue and said, “I saw her during the day. The old man didn't welcome her. How did she get in by herself?”

Lin Dongxue reluctantly showed her credentials. “Is this reason enough? Dr. Xu, hurry in and help him. As for the rest of you, you can’t leave this place.”

The slick-back furrowed his brows. “I'll go and take a look at the electric box!”

The malevolent-spirited woman said, “I'll go too!”

The two went away and there was a hard gasp from Old Man Lu from in the door. Dr. Xu ran out and said, “The dialysis machine and the ventilator have stopped. If this goes on, Old Man Lu may not be able to hang on for more than five minutes...”

“Hurry to the hospital!” A servant said.

“There’s no time!” Dr. Xu cried.

Lin Dongxue gritted her teeth. It was too late to go to any hospital from the villa's location. She could only put her trust in Chen Shi. “Doing your best is fine. My companion is trying to find a solution right now!”

“If he dies, it's not my responsibility!”

“I will testify for you.”

Downstairs, a group of people were rushing to check the electric box. The electric box had water poured on it and had short-circuited. Chen Shi pushed them away, checked it, and commanded, “Go and get gloves as well as electrician tools!”

“Who are you?” Someone asked.

“Is this the time for that? Hurry up! I know how to fix it!”

Someone ran to get the tools. Chen Shi put on rubber gloves, took the electrician's tools, broke the wires on both sides, reconnected it around the electri

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