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An hour later, Gu You arrived at the bureau. She was very willing to cooperate with the police's request. She explained, "Although I am not very good at hypnosis, I know a bit about it. In our clinic, we have also used hypnosis therapy. If you have any questions, you can ask me!”

Lin Qiupu asked straight away, "Can hypnosis kill people? I mean, used to order people to commit suicide?"

"Under normal circumstances, no."

"What about abnormal circumstances?"

Gu You laughed, "I don't know how to put it in words. Let's try it out."

"Yes, that’s a more direct way to go about it. Who will cooperate with Miss Gu?" Lin Qiupu looked around.

Everyone was reluctant. It wasn't that they were afraid of the negative effects of hypnosis. The main reason was that it was a bit embarrassing to put themselves in the limelight. Gu You looked around and observed the expressions on everyone's faces. Finally, her eyes fell on Xu Xiaodong, saying, "This little brother, why don’t you come over?"

"I... Forget it!" Xu Xiaodong smiled.

"Xiaodong, go up. This is an order!" Lin Qiupu ordered.

Gu You also said, "There are so many people, so there will be interference. Can I ask everyone to head outside first?"

The crowd left for the corridor, but couldn't restrain their curiosity. They jostled one another to peek through the slit of the door, and saw Xu Xiaodong lying on the table. Gu You played soothing music on the computer, and started speaking to Xu Xiaodong.

The whole process lasted for half an hour. Just as everyone was getting impatient, Xu Xiaodong suddenly opened the door and came out. The officers said in surprise, "It's over?" "This is the end of the hypnosis?" "What? Nothing happened! "

Xu Xiaodong's expression was a little strange. He suddenly got down and started doing push-ups frantically. Gu You came out and smiled, "He has already been hypnotized by me."

"He’s still in a hypnotized state?" Lin Dongxue said incredulously.

"Yes, he can only hear my voice right now. If I don’t tell him to stop, he won’t stop… Officer Xu, stop!”

Xu Xiaodong suddenly stopped and remained motionless.

Gu You walked over, took off her shoes and stood on his back. Everyone was stunned. They thought that it would break Xu Xiaodong's arms, but Gu You signaled to everyone to not be afraid, and then she said, "Please continue!"

Surprisingly, Xu Xiaodong actually started to do push-ups supporting Gu You’s weight, as if he wasn’t affected at all.

Everyone knew that although Xu Xiaodong often worked out, he didn't have the strength to do this. After about ten push-ups, Gu You said, "Stop! Stand up."

Xu Xiaodong stood up.

Gu You explained, "When a person is in a hypnotic state, he can easily break his physical limits and do things that he can't normally do, but it does not mean that I can order him to do anything. For example, if I ask him to take off his clothes, he will wake up right away... Given the trouble of

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