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It was May 16th. A few days had passed since the operation between the father and son. The operation was very successful. The first thing Wang Haitao did when he was discharged was to visit Chen Shi.

Wang Haitao arrived quite early and Chen Shi was called out before he could get enough sleep.

Compared to when they first met, Wang Haitao was now full of energy. His face was rosy and his hair was neatly trimmed. Chen Shi said, “You don’t need to thank me. It’s all thanks to the police. You can thank them for it!”

“Mr. Chen, I stayed at your house for a few days. Let me invite you to breakfast to show my appreciation!”

“I won’t go if it’s too far.”

“We’ll just go nearby.”

The two went outside the community and Chen Shi pointed at a stall selling pancakes. “That place isn’t bad. Do you want to try it? You don't have this in Yunnan!”

“Okay!” Wang Haitao accepted easily.

The two lined up behind the other customers. It took a long time to buy two pancakes. Wang Haitao also wanted to eat the spicy soup in the store next to them. The two sat down on small stools outside. Wang Haitao was eating spicy soup and pancakes with tears falling down his face.

“Huh? Is it too spicy?” Chen Shi asked.

“No, this may be the last day of my life to eat this kind of commoner’s food. I’m a little bit reluctant to let go.”

Chen Shi put down the vinegar bottle. “It seems like I don’t need to add vinegar. I feel sour in my heart already.”

Wang Haitao smiled with tears falling. “I'm really not complaining without being sick. You don't know the situation in my family. My mother got along with an educated youth at that time and gave birth to me back then. I couldn't raise my head in front of outsiders my whole life. My family was so poor when I was a kid. I could only eat a bowl of rice noodles in the morning on New Year's Eve. In school, the clothes I wore were always patched up. I was laughed at by my classmates saying that I was a bastard who didn’t have a dad. When I looked for work, I kept hitting obstacles. When I looked for love, they would snob me. I’m not afraid of you thinking it’s a joke if I tell you this – I’m still a vir… Virgin!”

Wang Haitao's tears fell into the soup and he sighed as he shook his head. “It seemed to be a dream and it seemed like I just time-traveled. My poor life suddenly ended, and I now have a super-rich father... Do you know what my father expects of me?“

“Hoping you inherit his company?”

“He asked me, but I said I don’t know how to do anything, let alone manage the company. Even this...” Wang Haitao pointed to the stall behind them. “I can't even run this small restaurant. So he said, ‘I don't hope for you to do anything, your two older brothers are gone...'“

“It's your younger brothers!”

“Yes, it's my two younger brothers!” Wang Haitao smiled. “He said that my two brothers were gone and he didn't expect me to have any great achievements. He just wanted me to live happily.

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