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Fan Lixue’s consciousness felt as if it was being covered up with a milky-colored plastic bag, where she couldn’t hear any outside sounds. She could only hear this uncle’s voice talking to her, and she could only follow his instructions. She desperately struggled and resisted, wanting to wake up from this sleep-like state.

Suddenly, it seemed as if a small hole was broken in the "plastic bag". Fan Lixue saw an uncle with a perverted face. She screamed for a long time until she was fully awake. She found that she couldn’t move her limbs, then realized that she was tied up.

The uncle looked down at her, smiling lecherously, as if the corners of his mouth were about to have drool dripping. Fan Lixue was trembling with fear. Her first reaction was that this must be another evil prank that Han Jingming had planned.

This time... This time, she has crossed the line!

The uncle reached out and began to unbutton her blouse. Fan Lixue felt a cool breeze on the skin of her chest, which made her panic and scream desperately, "Help... Help..."

Then she realized that there was a TV in the room, and the volume was so loud that it completely overwhelmed her voice... She was wondering why she hadn't noticed the sound of the TV at all earlier.

Ji Changxin put a finger on his lips and made a gesture for her to stop screaming. "If you make another noise, I will plug your mouth."

Fan Lixue shed tears and curled up as she trembled. "What do you want to do to me... I don’t have anything on me..."

Silly girl, don't you know that you are a treasure in the eyes of others?

Ji Changxin slid his hand inside Fan Jianjian's clothes from below, stroking her flat and smooth belly. It felt really good to him. His heart pounded madly since he had not touched a woman for so long.

"Uncle... Uncle..." Fan Lixue trembled like a wet baby chick. "Can you let me go? Please... You can take my cell phone and wallet... Please let me go! "

"Fan Lixue, what did you see at the subway station?" After asking this, Ji Changxin regretted it a little. He shouldn't use the other person's name. The girl was just prey tied up by him that will be killed directly after being raped. He shouldn't treat her as a person.

When it came to rape and killing, there was a sliver of uncertainty residing in him. Could he really do such a thing?

Fan Lixue responded, "I... I just saw a classmate!"

"Lies!" Ji Changxin’s face was solemn. "When children lie, they need to be punished."

He began to take off her bra as she struggled violently. At that moment, Fan Lixue’s mobile phone began to buzz non-stop, annoying Ji Changxin. Do young girls’ phone prompts need to be set so loud?

Ji Changxin left Fan Lixue alone for the time being and took out her mobile phone from her school bag. It turned out that a WeChat group was chatting enthusiastically, and a student named Han Jingming was saying, "Wow, do you guys know what I saw at the subway station? A man fell o

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