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The two stood outside the door for a long time but never saw anyone come out. Lin Dongxue said, “That woman probably didn’t tell him you came.”

At this time, a maid finally came out with a sign to nail on the door. Chen Shi was prepared to ask her about it when he saw the sign saying, “Chen Shi and dogs are not allowed inside!” Chen Shi's mouth opened slowly.

Lin Dongxue covered her mouth and laughed. “When did you offend him again?”

“Presumably he felt that my arrival meant nothing good was coming.”

“Should we show our badges?”

“No, don't. You can't see him now as a police officer. X may be by his side. He’s most probably in the room right now.” Chen Shi asked the maid, “Hello, are you waiting for a guest tonight?”

The maid pointed to the sign. “You and the person next to you are not welcome here. Old Man Lu said so personally.”

“It seems you...” Lin Dongxue suddenly realized, “Who are you scolding?”

The servant snorted and gave them the cold shoulder.

“It seems like if we don’t push through, it won't work!” Lin Dongxue prepared to take out her police officer's badge.

“Don't be impulsive, don't be impulsive. Let’s move according to the situation as it calls for it.”

Chen Shi took Lin Dongxue to go shopping in the neighborhood. Relaxing during working hours, Lin Dongxue felt ashamed. Chen Shi told her that they were resting to work at night so that Lin Dongxue would feel better about it.

They took Tao Yueyue home in the evening, and then the two returned back to the villa again. The villa was very different from the daytime. The living room door was wide open and there were several tables of cold dishes in the house. People were drinking and chatting happily. However, the sign was still nailed to the door.

“Wow, expecting a guest? I thought he was just inviting a guest over, but it turned out to be a party!” Lin Dongxue exclaimed.

“How can a truckload of ingredients be for a simple home event? I guessed it would be a party. These are all employees of the company!” Chen Shi said.

“It’s not a special day, so why are they holding a party?”

The two walked to the front of the villa. Two burly bodyguards stood outside the iron gate. They reached out to block them. Lin Dongxue was ready to take out her badge when Chen Shi dragged her aside and said, “Don't reveal your identity!”

“How do we get in without showing our credentials? Do we need to beat the guards down?”

“You can't get in even if you show your credentials. These are personal bodyguards. We are definitely not allowed in without invitations.”

Lin Dongxue looked helplessly around the yard. The iron bars were very high and there were bodyguards guarding the doors at set distances. It was impossible to break through.

Lin Dongxue saw that they all had a badge with a company logo on it. Lin Dongxue said, “Oh, the boss of this bodyguard company was convicted previously. He was caught by my brother before. Let’s try that

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