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Lin Dongxue showed Ji Changxin's photo to her and asked, “Have you seen him before?”

Fan Lixue shook her head like a pellet drum

“But the footage from the subway station shows that you both left the station one after the other on May 7th. And when the students died, he also appeared in the school. Do you want to say that this is just a coincidence?”

“Elder Sister, please. There are so many people in the school. I’m not the only one who gets off at Chenghai Road subway station. Han Jingming got off there that day as well!”

“We visited your mother in the morning, and she has confirmed that on May 7th, you went home late and didn't reach home until ten o'clock. Who were you with during that time?”

Fan Lixue looked panicked. She pursed her lips tightly. At that moment, her cell phone beeped. She glanced down, and Lin Dongxue vaguely saw the word “police” on her cell phone and asked, “Who sent the text message?”

Fan Lixue watched Lin Dongxue alertly, stepped backwards, and then ran away. Lin Dongxue and Xu Xiaodong quickly caught up.

When Fan Lixue ran near the school building, a woman with dishevelled hair jumped out from behind a tree, holding a glass beaker that contained a pungent liquid. The woman gritted her teeth and exclaimed, “Return my daughter’s life back to me!” Then she splashed the liquid towards Fan Lixue.

Fan Lixue jumped back in shock, screaming loudly. It was unsure whether she had any liquid splashed onto her but judging by the smell, it should have been sulfuric acid.

Lin Dongxue shouted, “Put down your weapon! We are the police!”

However, the woman was still shrieking madly, “My daughter is gone! I don't want to live anymore! I will fight with anyone who stops me!” The woman recklessly splashed the liquid around her everywhere. The school staff hurried over when they saw the situation, but nobody dared to step forward. She had splashed it all around, but rather than hurting anyone, she had instead burned her own hands. Fueled by adrenaline, she actually didn’t feel a thing.

Xu Xiaodong took off his jacket and then used an opening to hit the sulfuric acid beaker away from her hands. Then he put her hands behind her back and placed handcuffs on her.

The school staff also rushed up, and the woman screamed wildly, “Give me back my daughter! Give me back my daughter! Why are the police covering for the killer? It’s obvious that that little slut did it! Why aren’t you arresting her?!”

Xu Xiaodong instructed, “Hurry up and deal with the injuries on her hands! Can sulfuric acid be washed away with water?”

Lin Dongxue looked around, “Xiaodong, stay here. Fan Lixue ran away. I'll go after her!”

She rushed out of the school, looked around, but didn't see her. She went back to the school to look for her, but still couldn’t find her. Lin Dongxue was so anxious that she called the bureau and asked her colleagues in the information department to check who had sent the text message to

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