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As Ji Changxin was pushing through the crowd and rushing out of the carriage door, several hands grabbed him from behind, and the crowd shouted, “Don't let the old pervert run away!”, “Kill him! I hate this kind of person most!”

Ji Changxin struggled forward so desperately that tears came out. Do you know what I experienced today? Why is the whole world against a man in his fifties?!

The boy went over and kicked Ji Changxin's butt. This “help” caused Ji Changxin to collapse forward, and his suit was torn.

Ji Changxin stumbled and almost fell to the ground. He picked up his briefcase and ran away. He fled to the stairs in one breath, and then he took a big breath and covered his chest with his hand while panting. People passing by looked at him strangely.

This society is so indifferent and cruel! Ji Changxin complained silently. And that was also the case back then. Just because he made a small mistake, he was filmed and the whole world abused, laughed and bullied him.

That incident caused his wife to quarrel with him and ask for a divorce. His daughter was also awarded to his wife. Furthermore, he lost his job and had to move to another city to start afresh.

I just couldn't hold back. I ejaculated onto the girl's skirt and didn't touch her body at all. Wouldn't you usually do this to your wife at home as well? Why are they so ruthless to me? Is it really because they have a sense of justice? Why not criticize the corrupt officials and bullies? To put it plainly, in the name of justice, they perpetrated violence on the Internet, at the expense of this old man who is unable to fight back!

After swallowing down his bitter tears, Ji Changxin walked back to the lower level with a bleak heart, ready to take the next subway home.

Before the subway came, he went to the toilet and was peeing with his head bowed when the man next to him snorted and stared at Ji Changxin, as if recognizing an internet celebrity.

Ji Changxin knew that this was not a good thing. After all, he had become infamous on the internet in the past, so he turned his face away.

“Aren't you the old pervert from just now? Wasn't that you? Speak!”

Ji Changxin didn't want to cause trouble and continued peeing with his head lowered.

The “fan” next to him actually turned and peed on him, causing Ji Changxin’s pants and shoes to be drenched. Ji Changxin was shocked. He immediately zipped himself up, and the remaining urine all dripped into the inner layer of his pants. The warmth ran down his legs.

The “fan” laughed, “Old pervert, you deserve it! We despise people like you who harass little girls the most. Come on, why don’t you hit me? Hit me then.”

Ji Changxin's face was distorted by anger and he said to himself that he would not stoop to this person’s level.

“Motherfucker!” The other party was still scolding, “What a coward!”

Ji Changxin left in a hurry and the other party was still scolding him from behind, “It’s obvious th

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