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Volume 22: Weak Female’s Revenge

There were three different types of padlocks laid out on the table and Gu You was holding a stopwatch. She said, "Start" and pressed a button on the stopwatch.

Tao Yueyue began to unlock the padlocks calmly and without haste. The lockpicks in her hands were like an extension of the nerves in her fingertips. She could perceive the appearance of the keyhole through the subtle feeling passed into the palm of her hand. After one minute and thirty-four seconds, all three locks were opened. Tao Yueyue looked at Gu You with anticipation.

"One minute and thirty-four seconds. Very good. You broke your own personal record." Gu You smiled. "Most doors can't stop you now. Do you want to have a go at the real deal?"

Tao Yueyue nodded. Her little heart pounded with excitement.

Gu You took out a black envelope from the drawer and put it on the table. "This is your task tonight. Report to me when you’re finished."

Tao Yueyue opened it and said, "That's easy. I thought it would be more challenging!"

"Everything has to be done step by step. You have to think about risk and how to minimize it after an accident."

Tao Yueyue nodded, thinking seriously about the task on the paper.

At night, Tao Yueyue wore clothes to bed and pretended to sleep. Chen Shi went to bed after reading a book. At midnight, she quietly got out of bed, stuffed a pillow under the quilt, and quietly pushed open the door to leave.

As soon as she got outside, the cold night wind that blew over her made her feel both excited and energetic. When she thought that she was about to sneak into a stranger's house like a thief, the criminal genes in Tao Yueyue's bones were aroused, just like how normal children were delighted when going to a playground.

The target's address wasn’t far away. Tao Yueyue walked through the streets and alleys, avoiding the young people who drank late at night, as well as any surveillance cameras she could spot.

Gu You told her that with the advancement of the times and technology, the difficulty of committing a crime had risen in a straight line. The surveillance cameras at every corner was a huge obstacle.

The monitoring system has its own line. It was impossible to hack through hackers alone. It wasn’t practical to destroy them either. Gu You installed a software on Tao Yueyue's phone. When opened, it seemed as though it was just a normal map, but it had an additional feature. That is, the position of the camera head and the detection radius. This was so that they were easily avoidable.

Where it couldn't be avoided, Tao Yueyue pulled up her hood, put her hands in her pockets, and walked quickly past them while hunching her back.

Gu You showed her the videos taken by the surveillance cameras. They were far worse than professional cameras. The resolution was very low. They could only roughly recognize the body shape, height, and clothes. Gu You taught her to avoid getting her actual

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