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Although Old Zhang didn’t understand psychology, he had years of experience in handling cases and knew that when a person suddenly gets angry, he often has something to hide.

He asked Gu You, “Miss Gu, so you knew about this hypnosis method? Why didn’t you mention it at the bureau?”

Gu You smiled, “I don't know much about the details and haven't used it in practice. I thought Old Ji would tell you. I’m not sure why he got so angry. How strange.”

“Is this type of hypnosis common?”

“It isn’t. So far, the only person I know who can do this is Old Ji.”

Old Zhang and his partner exchanged opinions with each other. Their conversation revealed their suspicion of Ji Changxin and they decided that they will pay him a visit again in the future.

In the evening, Lin Dongxue and Xu Xiaodong were eating boxed lunches in the car after coming back empty-handed. While they were eating, Chen Shi sent them a photo to show off what he was cooking that night. Xu Xiaodong said, “Place your mobile phone here. I want to look at it while I eat.”

“Take the phone yourself then!”

A blond-haired guy was playing the guitar at the entrance of the subway station, and passers-by stopped to throw coins into his guitar case from time to time.

Xu Xiaodong said, “I really envy people who have such freedom in their jobs. They can start and get off work as they please.”

“Maybe those people envy those who have a stable career... By the way, this person busks here every day at the entrance of the subway station. Could he have seen something?”

“What could he have seen? We’ve asked about May 7th the whole day today and all everyone could think of was the death of those three people.”

“Let’s try our luck. Investigating cases are all about trying your luck!”

Lin Dongxue opened the door and got out of the car. Instead of going directly to question him, she bought a bottle of mineral water first and walked forward with the water and her police badge. The blond froze and asked, “Beautiful police officer, is there something that you want from me?”

“Do you busk here every day?”

“I don’t just busk here. I go to several subway stations.” He took the mineral water and sipped it. “Thank you. I didn’t think that the police could be so humane. You’re a lot better than those urban management officers who drive me away every day.”

“I want to ask if you saw this girl on May 7th?” Lin Dongxue displayed the photo on her phone.

The blond looked at it for a while and said, “I often see this school uniform, but this girl is so ordinary, how can I remember... I'm sorry!”

Lin Dongxue was disappointed and was about to leave. The blond commented, “But on May 7th, there was actually another incident.”

“I know. You don’t need to tell me about that.” Lin Dongxue had listened to the story hundreds of times that day.

“What? You know about the train pervert I caught that day?”

“What train pervert?!”

“Haha, so you don't know about

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