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Lin Qiupu said excitedly, “Miss Gu, what is the method?”

Gu You shook her head. “I don't know. I have to ask a real expert in that field. In fact, there was an expert in hypnosis at my clinic. When he was studying at XX University, he specialized in the field of hypnosis. He was once the leading hypnotist in China. The beta sleep state theory that I just mentioned was in an academic paper he published while he was in graduate school.”

“I didn’t know that your clinic had a hidden master!” Lin Qiupu praised.

“Is such an expert expensive to consult?” Xu Xiaodong said.

“No, like other psychologists, the consultation fee is only three hundred yuan per hour. By the way, you can go onto Baidu to search for ‘Ji Changxin’. I believe that you will have a more comprehensive understanding of him...”

Everyone turned on their mobile phones or computers and started searching the keywords “Ji Changxin”. All the words popping up on the screen were phrases like “Wolf of the Tram”, “Sexual assault”, and “Perverted Old Uncle”. These shed new light on Ji for the officers.

Gu You said, “Originally he was in Shanghai. He worked as a professor at a university and as a psychologist. It could be said that his future had no limits, but due to this incident, he was forced to move and came to Long’an to start afresh... I didn’t expect that he wouldn’t change. Recently, I have received complaints from clients stating that they suspected him of committing sexual assault. After my investigation, I found out that it was indeed true, so I dismissed Ji Changxin on May 7th.”

Gu You glanced at Peng Sijue casually. She did not mention that Peng Sijue was present. After all, it would violate his personal privacy to mention that he had gone for treatment.

“May 7th?” Old Zhang smacked the table. “Isn't that the day when the three people were killed by the train? Miss Gu, did Ji Changxin normally pass through that station after work?”

“As far as I know, he doesn't seem to get off at this stop.” Gu You said.

“It’s not necessary to conclude that Ji Changxin is a suspect for the time being. He does possess this skill, but Miss Gu also said that hypnosis is a talent, and other criminals may have also learned about it.” Lin Qiupu said.

“Yes, the mechanism of hypnosis is complicated, but the means is extremely simple!” Gu You explained.

Old Zhang said, “I think we can visit Ji Changxin, mainly to ask him how violent hypnosis is done.”

“Sure, I'll leave this to you.”

Gu You said, “I also want to visit Ji Changxin. I’m a professional, and it’s easier to get to the point during the discussion with me present... I hope to serve as a consultant to the police in this case.”

Lin Qiupu immediately assigned tasks. The case was temporarily handled as a criminal case. Old Zhang, his partner and Gu You went to look for Ji Changxin. Xu Xiaodong, Lin Dongxue, and the others went to the school to investigate. Since it had been upgraded to a crimin

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