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Volume 21: Master Hypnotist

On May 7th, with the end of the previous case, Peng Sijue finally got half a day’s worth of free time. He went to the Tianchuan Psychological Counseling Clinic run by Gu You to continue treating his depression.

Although Peng Sijue was also a science major, he found that he had a big misunderstanding regarding psychological counseling in the past. Like most people, he thought that people who receive counseling like this must have psychological issues. That the psychological counselor would only give them two sentences of chicken soup, which would only produce a placebo effect.

Dr. Ji Changxin, who was his counselor, was experienced and knowledgeable. He used cognitive therapy to help Peng Sijue to relieve depression and made him realize that work and life are equally important.

Every time Peng Sijue came here, he felt physically and mentally relaxed, and the consultations with Dr. Ji were particularly pleasant.

Today should be his last consultation.

It may have been because he came too early, but there was no one in the reception room. Peng Sijue sat down and waited for a while. It was quiet, except for the occasional ‘gulu’ sound from the water cooler from time to time. He wasn’t sure how long he sat there, but Peng Sijue suddenly heard some suspicious sounds. They seemed to come from consultation room number 2.

Due to his professional sensitivity, Peng Sijue walked over and quietly pushed open the door of the room. The scene inside made him widen his eyes.

He saw Gu You lying on a lounger with her eyes closed as if she was asleep and having a nightmare. Her two legs encased in black tights kept twisting, and her breasts kept moving up and down with each pant.

And that “highly respected” counselor Dr. Ji was slowly unbuttoning her shirt. Peng Sijue felt instantly disgusted. The image that he had of the counselor collapsed suddenly. He pushed open the door, “Dr. Ji, what are you doing?”

Ji Changxin was startled and said incoherently, “Peng... Mr. Peng... Why have you come...”

Seeing a pocket watch and a small speaker for music, Peng Sijue suddenly understood and frowned. “You hypnotized her and then did this kind of lowly act. Yet, you’re a psychologist.”

“Things are not like what you think. Boss Gu said she has been feeling a little bit stressed lately and wanted to receive my hypnosis therapy. I just... I was just helping her relax a bit! If you don’t believe it, you can ask her when she wakes up. In fact, I’ll wake her up now.”

“No need!” Gu You, who was in a hypnotized state, opened her eyes suddenly and sat up sharply. This scene made Ji Changxin’s heart freeze.

“You... You haven't been hypnotized?”

“Ji Changxin, you're fired.”

“What are you talking about... I just thought that your buttons were too tight and wanted to loosen things up for you... Do you want to say that this is sexual harassment?”

Gu You sneered, got up from the lounger, took out

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