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Gu You slowly backed up into the consultation room and said, “I can admit that I am the butterfly that caused the storm, but for you to end up like this, it’s because you made the wrong choices, one after another. Ji Changxin, you are a pitiful clown. The biggest failure of your life is that your wife and daughter left you. You wanted to take control of your life but found out that you’re powerless. That’s why you chose this girl and acted like a savior to help her get rid of her bullies. Are you satisfied now that you were able to act out the role of a father?”

Ji Changxin's lips trembled. He stepped into the consultation room, gritted his teeth and said, “Do you know my analysis of you? You are proud, indifferent, and excellent on the outside, but deep inside you are a female pig longing to be whipped. There are dark secrets hidden deep inside your heart. You have never run this clinic seriously. You are always preoccupied with something. You came to this city for a purpose... Are you looking for someone? Someone that you’ve lost previously!”

Gu You sneered, and the two experts who were good at analyzing exposed each other’s hearts.

Ji Changxin squeezed the iron rod in his hands, “Why do you hate me so much? Why do you have to harm me like this?”

“I just hate people who don't follow the rules. You are the dregs of this industry, so I can't tolerate you.” Gu You said coldly.

Ji Changxin smiled and held up the blood-stained iron rod. “What happened in the last few days has benefited me a lot. It taught me a truth - no matter how deep and profound your knowledge and wisdom is, in the face of this game, it's all useless!”

Realizing that the other party was about to take action, Gu You suddenly grabbed a handful of sand from a potted plant and chucked it onto Ji Changxin's face. Ji Changxin screamed violently, waving the iron rod and smashing the lamp and whiteboard.

Gu You rushed into the office, braced a newspaper rack against the door, and hurriedly called the police. Ji Changxin slammed the door hard outside and rushed in after he had rammed the door open.

Gu You grabbed something from the drawers and held it in her hand. When Ji Changxin rushed over, she shocked him with a stun gun. Ji Changxin rolled his eyes back and twitched. However, the stun gun had not been used for a long time, and the electricity barely lasted ten seconds.

Ji Changxin recovered and struck Gu You's shoulder with the rod. Gu You fell down. Ji Changxin didn't plan to let her die like this. He knelt down, pressed Gu You's carotid artery with his thumb, and started hypnosis.

Soon, Gu You's eyes were dull. She was already hypnotized, and it was a state of deep hypnosis. Ji Changxin reached into her neckline and fondled her breasts. Gu You made no response.

This was what Ji Changxin had wanted to do long ago. Of course, this was not the time. Ji Changxin knew that the police were searching for him everywhere. He accepted his fate,

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