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On May 14th, Lin Qiupu suddenly called everyone into the meeting room. There was an unfamiliar face present. Lin Qiupu introduced, "This is Officer Luo Haifeng from the administrative region police station."

Luo Haifeng greeted everyone and smiled slightly when his eyes fell on Lin Dongxue.

Luo Haifeng began to explain why he had come to the bureau. "At first glance, this may not seem to be a criminal case, but as it’s just too abnormal, I think it is better to consult with you experts who investigate criminal cases. Five people in a middle school jumped off the building and committed suicide this week..."

"Five people jumped off the building?!" The officers were shocked.

"According to our investigation, these five children have no reason to commit suicide at all. They were relatively lively and cheerful, and there have been no major conflicts within their families recently. They also had no history of mental illness. From visiting and asking their classmates, I did find out something. The five children who committed suicide have all bullied a girl in their class, Fan Lixue. That’s her."

Luo Haifeng looked at the projection screen, and everyone also looked. Fan Lixue's student ID photo was projected on it, and six girls' photos appeared below.

Lin Dongxue asked, "Why are there six deceased?"

"No, the one on the far right is Han Jingming, who is still alive. The students in the class all agreed that she was the leader of this small group of girls. Due to the death of these five girls, it was exposed that she had led the others in bullying Fan Lixue. With her friends dying one after another, Han Jingming has suffered a lot of psychological pressure. She has taken leave from school these few days and is too frightened to even leave the house.”

"Officer Luo, what was the order in which these five girls died?"

Luo Haifeng explained and also introduced the background of each girl briefly. Old Zhang said, "Interesting. Assuming that this was murder, the order of the deceased is from the outermost members of the small group to the most core members in sequence!"

"Just like killing the boss, Han Jingming should be the last one." Xu Xiaodong chimed in.

Lin Qiupu asked, "Are you sure they committed suicide?"

"Although no one saw the first two victims when they died, there weren’t a second person's footprints around the areas from which they fell off. There were no fingerprints on their bodies too. The last three deceased had witnesses who also recorded videos. They were indeed suicides. "

"Did you bring those videos over?"

"I did."

Luo Haifeng copied a video recorded by a witness with his mobile phone to a computer and projected it onto a large screen. The video was taken from a classroom and the top of another building could be seen from the window. The person behind the camera pointed at it and exclaimed, "Woah, someone wants to jump!"

As a result, the students who were attending a self-stu

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