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What was unexpected was that the high school student and the man in the red vest were about to push the "man who fell down" up. At that moment, the train hadn’t yet entered the platform, and all three were about to be saved. Ji Changxin was stunned. If this man was rescued, considering what Ji Changxin had done to him, he would probably be charged with attempted murder.

It was not only the jail time that he was worrying about, but also the loss of face. Yes, he couldn't afford to lose any more face!

From an early age, he had always been an honest person, a nerd and a coward in the eyes of others. Even if he was bullied, he didn’t dare to resist. The impression that "Ji Changxin = coward" was engraved in the minds of almost everyone who knew him. If he failed to murder, those people would say, "Huh, Ji Changxin is really just trash. He can’t even kill people properly." "Three-year-old sets the tone for eighty. I knew that this kid wouldn’t amount to anything in his lifetime.” "He’s only a coward who knows how to sexually harass little girls on trains."

He would rather that the people around him say about him at the end of his life: "Wow, I didn't think that Ji Changxin would kill people!" "He looks honest, but it turned out he had such a cruel character." "It’s terrifying thinking that I offended him in the past."

Ji Changxin finally made up his mind and strode toward the platform. He put his briefcase on the ground, lay down on it, leaned forward and stretched out one arm, pretending to be "a helping hand" like everyone else. In fact, he was quietly saying to the man, "There is a cliff in front of you, and a strong wind behind you is blowing you forward. Turn back immediately. Otherwise, you will fall and shatter your body!"

There was a lot of noise around him, so his voice was perfectly drowned out. But to the hypnotized, the hypnotist's voice sounded thunderously loud.


The man, who was about to be pushed onto the platform by the man in a red vest and the high school student, suddenly screamed; his body weight tilted backwards, and he pushed them away with both hands. The passengers on the platform were shocked. In that instant, the train arrived and all three were crushed to death in the midst of screams.

Warm blood splashed onto Ji Changxin's face which slowly unveiled an evil grin, and at this moment, he seemed to be awakened... Yes, I am extremely powerful. I can kill anyone who I don’t like the look of, and I don't have to endure anything.

The aftermath of the tragedy was still spreading on the platform, and the surrounding passengers weren’t at all clear about what had happened. Some people were so scared that they were crying, while others swore to others about what they saw with their own eyes. "There was something mentally wrong with that man. He actually pushed the two people away! " " He must have been trying to commit suicide. Suicide aside, he shouldn’t have dragged people down with him.

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