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After finishing stocking the shelves in the morning, Ji Changxin sat at the door of the convenience store and lit up a cigarette. He had originally quit smoking many years ago and he only picked up this habit again yesterday. When he thought of the two policemen looking at him yesterday, he felt that he wouldn’t be able to escape this calamity.

But this does not mean that he intended to accept his fate. He will still struggle a little.

“Master Ji! Master Ji!” The manager ran out. “Didn’t I tell you to put the bread close to the expiration date in front? Why did you place them anyhow without checking?”

Ji Changxin was sitting on an electric delivery bike. He turned his head gloomily, staring at the indentation on the other party’s neck and said, “I will come in after I have finished smoking.”

“Who allowed you to smoke at work? If everyone was like you...”

“I'll come in after I smoke this cigarette!”

The manager felt that his authority was being challenged and pointed to his nose saying, “Don't think that you can do whatever you want just because you’re old. You’re still in your probation period. Without my consent, you won’t be hired permanently!”

“Fuck off!”

Ji Changxin flicked his cigarette butt away and lit up another one.

The manager's face went dark and he went back to phone the area manager in order to report him.

Ji Changxin felt a burst of pleasure well up in his heart. At that moment, a car drove by and he recognized that it was the policemen who had dropped by yesterday. The bitch, Gu You, had not accompanied them. Old Zhang stepped forward and said, “Mr. Ji, we have a few questions that we want to ask you.”

“Go ahead.”

“You stayed at Chenghai Road subway station for a while on May 7th, right?”

Ji Changxin had long thought about the appropriate response to this question. In order to behave naturally in front of the police, he had hypnotized himself and rehearsed the fabricated facts in his imagination.

He replied calmly, “I got off the train from there.”

“What time?”

“It should have been around six o'clock. I resigned from my job that day, drank some alcohol outside, got onto the train at Pingan Road subway station, and then got off at Chenghai Road.”

“You don’t seem to live there though!”

“There was a subway crash, wasn’t there? All passengers got off the train. I had to walk back for the rest of the way.”

Old Zhang didn't expect that he would respond so naturally. After a whispered reminder from his partner, he decided to attack from another angle, saying, “But some passengers said that you molested a girl on the subway that day and was beaten by a young man who acted righteously. You got off at Chenghai Road Station, and according to the subway schedule, it should have been around 6.15PM. That’s around five minutes before the accident happened, which is inconsistent with your statement!”

Ji Changxin shook his head, “I didn’t do anything like that. The ti

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