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Lin Dongxue and Xu Xiaodong went over to Chenghai Sixth High School, where the classes that should have been in session were quiet at the moment. When they passed through the classrooms, Lin Dongxue said, "Everyone is doing self-study?"

"No, there are things written on the blackboards." Xu Xiaodong noted.

A boy leaning by the window said in surprise. "Wow, beautiful Elder Sister, are you a police officer?"

The students by the window were distracted and swarmed over to see what Lin Dongxue looked like. Lin Dongxue asked, "Where are your teachers?"

Boy A responded, "Our class was originally in session, but when they heard that the police were coming, they went away.”

Boy B explained, "The principal doesn’t allow them to be interviewed, so whenever a police officer or reporter comes, they have to go and hide in the office."

Boy C asked, "Are you here to find Fan Lixue?"

"Yes, where is she?"

The boys, who were originally very helpful, suddenly shoved each other, "You call her!" "You call!"

A boy came over, knocked them on the back of their heads one by one and told them to get back to their seats for self-study. Then he said to Lin Dongxue, "Officers, please don't stand there. It’s too distracting for people doing self-study. You should go to the empty classroom on the second floor to wait. I’ll bring Fan Lixue over.”

"Okay, thank you!"

Lin Dongxue and Xu Xiaodong went to the empty classroom as instructed, and then the boy and Fan Lixue arrived together. Lin Dongxue thought that this boy should be the class representative. He said maturely, "My name is Song Hui. If you need to understand the situation regarding our class, you can look for me. The teachers are afraid to be interviewed at the moment. I’m basically the spokesperson as the class rep."

The little class rep seemed very experienced in handling the matter, so it seemed that the reporters must have come quite a few times. Lin Dongxue said, "Please give me your contact details."

After exchanging contact information, Song Hui went back to the classroom first. Fan Lixue was a thin and weak young girl. Her lips were bruised black and her eyes were calm when she looked at the two police officers, as if she didn't care about anything.

"What's wrong with your mouth?" Lin Dongxue asked.

"I got beaten."

"Who hit you?"

"Wang Chang's mother. She said that I'm a walking calamity!" Fan Lixue grinned. Wang Chang was one of the five who died. "I know why you came to me. It’s because I have a motive for killing them. Do the police think that I killed them?"

"We don’t think so. We just wanted to find out more about some things from you."

"Elder Sister, ask me if I killed them."

"I know-"

"Ask me!" Fan Lixue's attitude was a little aggressive.

Lin Dongxue was a little confused and glanced at Xu Xiaodong. Xu Xiaodong mouthed , "Let me ask!" Lin Dongxue nodded slightly.

As soon as Xu Xiaodong spoke, Fan Lixue urged agai

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