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On the way there, Lin Dongxue asked Fan’s mother, "Why do you think that they will be there? Is there anything special about that place?"

"It's actually... That place was where the child’s dad had committed suicide."

Fan’s mother said that Fan Lixue, Han Jingming and many other students lived together in the same community as children. Later, the old houses were demolished, and the new apartment buildings there were built. However, due to funding problems, the project suddenly stopped, and a lot of people ended up homeless.

At the time, the demolition of the old houses was assigned to Fan Lixue’s father, who went door to door to notify the residents. Everyone became homeless, so he became the target of criticism. Someone started rumors that he had received the developer's bribes. In fact, Fan’s father was just a low-level civil servant. Even if he had wanted to, he wouldn’t have had the power to do so.

During that period, the neighbors came to their house every day to cause trouble, and their family had no peace. The anger of the adults was transmitted to the children, and they began to bully Fan Lixue at school. One day, her father drowned and died on the way home. Although Fan Lixue’s mother suspected that he had been pushed down, the police couldn’t find any evidence of homicide. Fan’s mother could only declare to everyone that Fan's father could not bear the pressure and committed suicide.

After Fan’s father passed away, the mother and daughter only had each other. She knew that there was always someone bullying Fan Lixue at school, but Fan Lixue was afraid of her mother worrying and wouldn’t say anything when she returned home. The mother felt pain in her heart when she saw this, but she was powerless.

After saying that, Fan’s mother wiped her sad tears away and Lin Dongxue comforted her a little.

The three arrived at the buildings at night when it was gloomy and eerie. After looking around for a while, Fan’s mother suddenly faced a certain direction and shouted her daughter’s name. Lin Dongxue looked up. There were two figures on the edge of the top floor who looked like they were going to tumble down from that dangerous place at any given moment.

Fan’s mother shouted her name again and climbed up the stairs in the dark, falling down many times along the way. Lin Dongxue and Xu Xiaodong followed closely behind. There were sixteen floors in the building. There were no railings on either side of the stairs, so they would have fallen down with one misstep. When they had finally climbed up to the top floor, Lin Dongxue was panting as if her lungs were about to explode.

"Fan Lixue, mother is here. Don't do anything stupid!" Fan’s mother shouted.

"Mother, don't come over!"

Lin Dongxue looked up and saw Fan Lixue standing on the edge of the building. There was a girl standing motionless beside her like a statue. It was Han Jingming who had been bullying her all the while. Fan Lixue grasped the mobile p

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