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Chapter 190: Bringing Justice

“With these alone, we can’t conclude anything,” Peng Sijue said.

Lin Qiupu turned around to check the door lock. The door had been knocked open by the police then they smelled the blood, but when he checked the core of the lock, he found that there was no trace of prying.

The owner's clothes were hung on a hanger near the door and the keys were in his pants.

The house had open windows, making the room a bit cold. The floor was really dirty. It seemed like the house owner usually walked around wearing shoes without changing into slippers. It would take a lot of work to find the murderer’s shoe prints.

There was a plastic box of leftover peppers and duck offal in the kitchen. Lin Qiupu took the take-out receipt on the lid and glanced at it. It was delivered at 7:00. There was also a bottle of Erguotou[1]that was half finished and a plate of spicy Sichuan peanuts. Lin Qiupu returned to the living room and turned on the TV. The bachelor didn’t have a TV box, so it was impossible to speculate the time of the crime.

He asked the local police, “How did the person who reported this find out?”

“The person who reported this was a property manager who came to collect utility bills. When he smelled gas coming out of the house and nobody answered the door, he called the police. We came and knocked the door open to find the body. The gas was on because there was water boiling on the stove. We turned off the fire at around 9:00.”

Peng Sijue opened the victim’s eyelids and said, “The time of death was about two hours ago, between seven and eight.”

“Then the delivery man was probably the last person who saw the deceased...” When he thought about this, Lin Qiupu's cigarette addiction acted up again and he subconsciously glanced at the ashtray on the coffee table. The deceased seemed to smoke ten yuan cigarettes called Zhongnanhai, but there was one of a different brand.

Lin Qiupu walked over and picked it up. It was actually a rather expensive miniature cigar. He compared this butt with the bite marks on the other butts. Then, he went to look at the victim’s pocket and found that he only had a packet of Zhongnanhai. He concluded that someone had come in before or after the crime. This person must have stayed in the house for a while before leaving a cigarette butt.

He told Peng Sijue about his discovery and Peng Sijue used tweezers to pick it up for further observation. He took out a needle thermometer from the survey box and inserted it. When he saw the reading, Peng Sijue noted, “It should have been put out within the last few hours. The temperature is still somewhat warm inside.”

“This kind of cigarette is more expensive than Soft Zhonghua. Those who smoke it are usually very rich.”

Peng Sijue pointed at the victim. “He seemed to wear very casual clothes for someone who’s meeting someone rich.”

“They might have a good relationship with each other?”

“Will you ask Chen Shi

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