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Chapter 198: Pursuit

Lin Qiupu held the steering wheel tightly in his hands with his eyes staring straight ahead. He put his phone on speaker and made calls one after another, telling everyone in the team to chase Jiang Yuqi along Zaifu Road.

“Captain Lin, we see his car. Do you want us to stop him?” The subordinate asked for further instructions.

Lin Qiupu thought about it and replied, “No. Don’t stop them. Just follow them! The goal isn’t him, but Gan Ping!”

Lin Dongxue's called in and he pressed to answer. Lin Dongxue reported, “Brother, I’ve checked and it seems Jiang Yuqi is going in the direction of where the siblings used to live. It was an old employee housing area for an electroplating factory that was demolished. Later, the new building was only ever half-built.”

“Give me the coordinates. I'll head over first! Are you in a car?”

“I'm in Xiaodong's car.”

After getting the address, Lin Qiupu ordered those who were close to it to hurry over. The others needed to follow Jiang Yuqi. He turned the steering wheel and stepped on the accelerator the whole way.

When he got to the half-built building, a group of police officers had already arrived. Lin Qiupu jumped out of the car and saw them looking up. He followed their line of sight and saw someone sitting on top of the building. From the thin and slender figure, it seemed like it was Gan Ping.

“Captain Lin, this little girl seems to be... ending her life short!” Old Zhang tried to explain.

“You guys guard below. I'll go up to her. Contact the fire brigade to set up cushioning below.”

Lin Qiupu rushed to the top of the building in one breath and saw Gan Ping wearing a thin shirt sitting on the edge. Her braids had been untied and her long hair was constantly being blown by the night wind. She was unwrapping white rabbit lollies[1]and putting them into her mouth. Moonlight was reflected on the two lines of tears on her face, and white rabbit wrappers were piled up around her feet.

“Officer Lin...”

“Gan Ping, don't be so silly and come down from there.”

Gan Ping shook her head and said, “When I was a kid, my family was very poor. We could only afford half a catty[2]of these lollies during the New Year, but those were our happiest moments… Later, my mother married this man. The person who set them up boasted about how this man was amazing and one of a kind. He was indeed a good man in front of others, but when nobody was around… He would just drink, beat my mother, and beat us… My mother couldn’t stand it and ran away a few times. He would complain everywhere until mother was found, then he’d beat her ruthlessly. My brother and I could only watch them without making a peep... Later, my mother developed a mental illness and we became his punching bags to vent his frustrations. He hit my brother, lashed at him with a belt and burned him with a soldering iron. And he raped me again and again… When my brother ran away from home, he said that wh

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