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Chapter 184: Dog Egg’s Testimony

Jia Xingyun said, “I'll send them away!” Then, he closed the bedroom door.

After seeing the popular custard boy[1]appearing on the bed of a rich second-generation in Long'an, Lin Dongxue was so speechless that she only asked after a while, “What is your relationship with each other?”

“Any relationship of mine has nothing to do with you. Any words that characterize our relationship will tarnish our relationship, so I’ll need to ask Miss Lin not to make any associations or connections. I need you both to say nothing about this when you get out of this door. This is just my private life. It’s not something that harms the world.”

Chen Shi raised his hand. “I'm sorry to bother you guys. Can I borrow a bathroom?”

Jia Xingyun dismissed, “Don't play this game with me. Do you want my DNA? The toilet is very dirty. I'll just give it to you!”

“It really surprises me that Mr. Jia is so cooperative.”

“It’s because I’m innocent. But in exchange, I want you to tell me what you’re suspecting me of.”

“Do you have any cotton swabs?”

Jia Xingyun fetched a cotton swab and Lin Dongxue took some samples from the upper wall of his mouth and put them in the evidence bag. Then, they fulfilled their promise and told him what they were suspecting him of.

“So you suspect that I planned the kidnapping case five years ago?” Jia Xingyun laughed out loud. “I really admire your creativity!”

“Doubting everything is part of our job.” Lin Dongxue said a little heatedly.

“Good job! Good job!” Jia Xingyun applauded. “In fact, I know who the mastermind is. If Miss Lin is willing to accompany me for dinner, I can tell you.”

Lin Dongxue frowned. “Excuse me. Don't you like men?”

“I like everything that’s beautiful.”

Chen Shi laughed at himself. “It seems I wasn’t born handsome enough.”

Jia Xingyun gave him a disgusted look, but looking back at Lin Dongxue, his eyes softened again. “Think about it.”

“If you’re not the mastermind, but you know who it is, then this person is Lu Zhendong, right?” Chen Shi speculated.

Jia Xingyun's expression was flustered for a moment. “Respect! You broke through my bottom card[2].”

“Thank you for your valuable clues. We won’t bother you any longer.”

“If the events of today gets out as gossip, I’ll sue you!” Jia Xingyun reminded them once again.

When they went downstairs, Lin Dongxue questioned, “Isn't Lu Zhendong dead? What’s the significance of Ji Chunma's evidence?”

“You should think from the perspective of Ji Chunma. For five years, he has used this evidence to extort Lu Zhendong. While extorting him, he has his own risks to deal with too. Now that Lu Zhendong is dead, since the police still haven’t found out about this at all, he hurried back to Long’an to destroy the evidence. He probably thought that if he destroyed it, he could start from scratch. He wouldn’t have expected that during this crucial moment…”

“I didn't expect ev

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