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Chapter 201: Case in the Air

Lin Dongxue arrived at the bureau. Everyone who passed by said, “Dongxue, you’re late.” Lin Dongxue smiled in shame.

She sat at her seat and opened a case file. At present, there were no cases that needed to be solved. There were only a few criminal cases that had post-investigation admin to be dealt with. Work was something that could never be completed.

A few colleagues were chatting about the new TV series, and Xu Xiaodong used the files as cover to play on his mobile phone. It seemed to be a peaceful day.

Suddenly, there were footsteps in the corridor and she received a message from Lin Qiupu informing everyone to meet in the conference room. Everyone quickly put down their work and went to the meeting room. This time, Lin Qiupu, the first team’s captain, Old Geng, and the chief who didn’t usually show up was there too. This scene made it seem like there was a big situation at hand.

The chief clapped his hands together, motioning everyone not to speak. Then, he glanced at Old Geng.

Old Geng said, “Excuse me for suddenly summoning everyone here. The situation is like this: An airplane from Hainan just landed at Long’an Airport due to an emergency. The reason for the forced landing was due to a criminal case on board. There was an old person who got killed in the economy section. The airline has arranged all the passengers to stay in a hotel and now the passengers are kicking up a fuss and making lots of noise. The airline and the police negotiated six hours for us. The plane will take off at 3:00 PM, so we must solve this crime within the allotted time. The killer must not leave with the other passengers!”

The police officers began whispering in shock before the chief once again signalled for everyone to stop talking. “This is the situation. This was originally the first team’s case, but since everything is happening so suddenly, we have to concentrate all our strength towards this. The second team solved the most cases last year and has the strongest capabilities. The investigation work will be carried out by the second team and the peripheral work will be assigned to the first team. I will take charge of the procedural issues. You can rest assured and investigate the case without any worry.“

“Chief, is there a search warrant?” someone asked.

“Yes, I have already signed it. You can investigate everyone on board.”

“How many people are there on the plane?”

“In total, there are nearly two hundred people. There are 167 passengers in economy class and twelve flight attendants and pilots.”

“Everyone is suspicious?”

“You can say that! Except the victim...”

“No, the victim may be a suspect too!” Peng Sijue interjected. “We haven't seen the corpse, so we don't know if they committed suicide.”

The chief nodded. “Little Peng is right. Everyone is suspicious!”

Everyone was shocked. Would it be possible to find the killer amongst almost 200 people within six hou

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