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Chapter 204: Estimated Weapon

The truth cannot be obtained through pure speculation. Peng Sijue took a cotton swab to sample the four walls of the toilet tube and used a blood protein kit to identify whether it contained human blood or not. Although the toilet was dirty, Peng Sijue conducted it meticulously. There was no human blood there.

“It seems that the murderer did not throw the weapon into the toilet. Fortunately-” Chen Shi began.

“What's fortunate?”

“If he threw it there, you’d have to open the box that stores the excrement and stir it with a stick. It's funny just thinking about that!” Chen Shi couldn't help but laugh.

Peng Sijue rolled his eyes at him “Excrement, internal organs, or bones. To me, it's just a protein composition. The difference is just the composition.”

“A good attitude to have.”

Lin Qiupu called and asked them to come over to eat quickly. Mealtime was only twenty minutes, so they had to be sure to hurry.

Chen Shi washed his hands in the sink and said, “Let’s hurry!”

Peng Sijue yelled from behind, “I haven't taken samples yet!”

“Hurry up. Don't expect this case to be done step by step.”

Peng Sijue still took samples from the bloodstains in the washroom before leaving with Chen Shi.

Originally, the first team planned to send boxed lunches to all the comrades of the second team, but Lin Qiupu wanted to exchange information while eating. He booked out a restaurant in the waiting room for everyone to eat at.

Seeing Chen Shi coming, Lin Qiupu said, “It's 12:00 right now and the plane will take off at 3:00 PM. Eat quickly.”

“Then why did you order this steamed dish? It’s hard to eat such a hot dish quickly!” Chen Shi remarked.

Lin Qiupu glared at him. “Only this restaurant could be completely booked out for us, so don't complain. You can let it cool down a bit before you eat. Let's have a small meeting first. I’ve found the identity of the deceased. Deng Shirong was the manager of an insurance company in Jinan, and he’s also a shareholder with 27% of the shares. He retired this year and stayed in his hometown in Hainan. It was only because the company had an important shareholder meeting that he went on this red-eye flight. Interpersonal relationships are quite complicated and it may not be clear unless we investigate for three days. However, the passengers on this plane aren’t acquainted with him.”

“Has anyone bought insurance from this company?” Old Zhang asked.

“I will continue to investigate.”

Lin Dongxue suggested, “This can be asked during our questioning of each person!”

“Very good, we’ll do that!”

Xu Xiaodong said, “I heard that the passengers are all kicking up a fuss and asking how the police are handling the case since they weren’t questioned the whole morning, causing them to wait at the hotel for nothing.”

“Cases aren’t investigated by the mouth. We must know the status of the scene before asking them anything. Old Peng, can you

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