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Chapter 185: Brother Dressed as a Woman

Dog Egg didn't know if the bad woman had fallen. He stared at the bad woman for a long time, but the bad woman didn’t move at all, so he boldly went inside.

"His concept of death is still very vague," Chen Shi interjected.

Then, Dog Egg had an idea. The bad woman had money at home. If he stole some money, his grandma wouldn’t have to sleep in the cold, hard, and little house. He silently snuck into the bedroom while walking past the blood on the ground.

Dog Egg found Aunty Pingzi on the ground as well. Dog Egg thought that Aunty Pingzi was a good person, so he went up and shook her to wake up. That’s why he had a whole hand full of red stuff.

Suddenly, footsteps came from the living room. Dog Egg was terrified. He wiped his hand on the furniture and hid in the gap between the bed and the window.

A person walked in humming a song, and the movement of his foot on the floor was clearly visible to Dog Egg. At that moment, he was very afraid and his tears kept flowing while he held his mouth with his hands. He wanted to scream for his grandma very loudly at the time.

Then, he heard the sound of something being cut. After that, the person left. Dog Egg quietly looked up to make sure the person was gone.

However, he didn't know whether the person was gone or still in the house. He got under the bed on his stomach and didn’t dare move an inch.

The house was extremely quiet. He could clearly hear the sound of cooking in the kitchen, and then the sound of slurping, like someone was eating noodles. In the midst of that, the person said a few things. He thought they said, “Fucking bitch, I told you not to touch that!”

Then, there was the rustling kind of sound which lasted for a while. After, there was the sound of something burning and crackling. There was a very intense smoke, so Dog Egg covered his mouth and dared not to cough.

He wasn’t sure how long it took, but finally there was a loud closing noise outside and then the room was quiet. It was then that Dog Egg finally dared to come out of his hiding place. He found Aunty Pingzi’s leg had a piece of meat cut off. It was very red and scary.

He shook her a few more times. When he thought about how the bad guy might return, he quickly opened the door and ran away.

Later, he met his grandma, who had walked into the neighborhood to find him at the time.

Tao Yueyue turned off the recording. Most of this recording was similar to the police's speculation based on the crime scene, except for the rustle heard by Dog Egg.

Chen Shi called, "Dog Egg, let’s go home!"

When they got home, Dog Egg was going to go back to play the game again. Chen Shi grabbed him and asked, "Do you want to eat ice cream again tomorrow?"

Dog Egg nodded.

"Then, answer one of uncle’s questions. You don't have to talk. Just nod or shake your head."

Dog Egg hesitated, but nodded.

Chen Shi walked to the curtain and rubbed i

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