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Chapter 196: Shocking Discovery

Lin Qiupu thought hard about all the documents, items, and physical evidence on the table.Was there a lead somewhere in here? Where is the flaw in the murder?

Some sudden footsteps startled him. He looked up and saw a silhouette in a long, brown windbreaker slowly walking in. The person who came in had his hands in his pockets with a cigarette dangling in his mouth. If you looked at the smile on his face, you’d feel the word “confidence” jumping out at you. Lin Qiupu looked like he was a pilgrim staring at a miracle in the face and stammered, "Sen... Senior?!"

Song Lang slammed on the table. "Little Lin, don't be blinded by these so-called clues in front of you."

"Then what should I..."

Song Lang swept away all the documents on the table and they flew around the room like snowflakes. He turned away in a cool manner, took the cigarette out of his mouth, and pointed his finger at the door. “The truth has been right in front of you the whole time. In a corner you haven’t noticed yet, the murderer is…”

A black silhouette appeared in front of the glowing door frame. Lin Qiupu’s mouth hung open.

“The murderer is…”

The black silhouette gradually became clear and Lin Qiupu grew extremely excited.

"The murderer is He Shen[1]!"

The silhouette finally showed his true face. It was an oily, fat man wearing a Qing Dynasty official uniform with a disgusting grin on his face.

Lin Qiupu suddenly woke from his dream. It turned out that he had fallen asleep while reading the documents in front of him. It was now 11:00 in the evening and the corridor was completely dark. He was the only person left in the office.

He glanced at the photo on the table. Although it was just a ridiculous dream, Lin Qiupu thought about it seriously. Was there any person in this case who had a name like "He Shen?" There wasn’t, so he gave a slight chuckle.

He rubbed the bridge of his nose to freshen up, picked up the documents, and re-examined them. The victim died due to poison, but the murderer also beat the deceased with a belt, burned the victim with a soldering iron, and applied lubricant to the lower body as if they intended to insert something.


Why do all these extra things?

The murderer seemed to be taking revenge against the victim. The victim must have done similar things to the murderer. Lashing at them with a belt, burning them, and… rape?!

From the evidence on hand, the victim had not been a good husband. As the stepfather of his ex-wife’s children, would he be a good father? Obviously not! The children of the deceased's ex-wife had never been found. Was this a major breakthrough point?

Even if it wasn't, he had to investigate it. As long as there was a missing piece to the puzzle, he felt like the truth would never be uncovered.

Lin Qiupu picked up a pen and wrote “children” on the upper right corner of the document. He circled the word to place emphasis on it a

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