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Chapter 191: Drunk or Lost Love

The men turned their heads around and the man who had just harassed Gan Ping cursed, “What the fuck does this have to do with you? We’re all friends here and have nothing to do with you!”

“Is he your friend?” Lin Qiupu asked Gan Ping.

Gan Ping shook her head desperately.

Lin Qiupu sternly pointed at them and said, “This is sexual harassment and violates the law. You all need to quickly disappear from my eyes!”

“Bastard[1], it's not up to you to lecture me!”

Hearing this, Lin Qiupu's heart burst into rage.

The man stretched out his hand. Lin Qiupu wasn't sure whether the other party was trying to grab his collar or to beat him. He decided that the first person to attack would have the advantage, so Lin Qiupu punched him in the face, making him stumble and fall down between two aisles.

Lin Qiupu showed his police officer's badge in time to prevent the others from throwing fists at him. After seeing his badge, they assisted their fallen companion and hurried away.

Gan Ping said, “Thank you so much, Officer Lin. These gangsters often come to steal things here late at night. I use the term steal, but really, they just take things openly and force me to pay out of my own pocket. I don’t know where they drank cat urine[2]from today but they came to cause trouble again.”

“The next time you encounter this situation, you should call the police. There’s surveillance monitoring in the store. Don't think that this is a trivial matter. These types of people will constantly bully you when they think you’re weak.”

“I’ll remember that from now on. Your hand...”

Lin Qiupu looked at his fist. He really wasn’t suited for martial arts. The punch just then seemed to hit the man's teeth and broke the skin on the back of his fingers. Because of the adrenaline, he hadn’t felt any pain at the time. He could only feel the sting now.

“I'll get you some rubbing alcohol…”

Gan Ping left for a while. Lin Qiupu saw her mobile phone on the table and picked it up. The lock screen picture was a photo of the popular celebrity, Jiang Yuqi. To be honest, he didn't know why all these girls fawned over such a feminine guy, but it seemed that Lin Dongxue also liked him quite a bit.

Gan Ping returned and wiped his hand with absorbent cotton dipped in rubbing alcohol. Lin Qiupu asked curiously, “What about your family? Did you come to Long’an to work alone?”

“My family... The situation in my family is a bit complicated. I’m a bit embarrassed to talk about it.”

“Oh, it's okay. I respect your personal privacy.” Lin Qiupu changed the subject. “Ah, yes, my sister also likes this Jiang Yuqi a lot.”

“Is that so?” Gan Ping had her eyes light up. “You have a sister? Biological sister?”

“Yes, she’s also a police officer.”

“Your family seems really happy and blessed.”

“Happy?” When he thought of Lin Dongxue and their usually rigid relationship, Lin Qiupu wasn’t so sure.

“To be ho

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