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Chapter 199: Silent Snowfall

Lin Dongxue pulled him back and said angrily, “In front of me?!”

She punched Jiang Yuqi's face and knocked him to the ground. The punch tore a small piece of handsome skin from Jiang’s face and blood bled out from the wound. Lin Dongxue felt her fist ache as the anger in her heart became more vigorous. She was so angry that her breathing pattern was disturbed.

Jiang Yuqi touched the blood on his face and glared. “I'm going to sue you. You will all lose your rice bowls[1]!”

Lin Dongxue shouted, “Please stop it with the sympathy cards! Who hasn’t had a miserable childhood? You have to take responsibility if you kill someone no matter who you are!”

“Dongxue!” Lin Qiupu quickly stopped the impulsive Lin Dongxue for fear that she would make any more radical actions.

Jiang Yuqi stood up to fight back but was stopped by the other police officers. Eventually, he and Gan Ping were taken away.

Upon returning to the car, Lin Dongxue's anger finally faded a bit. Lin Qiupu took out a wet wipe to help her clean her wounded fist. Lin Dongxue smiled bitterly. “I may get sued now. After all, it’s not an ordinary person I punched... When I saw that guy trying to push you down, I was furious. “

“It's okay.” Lin Qiupu patted her shoulder and smiled. “Brother will sort it out for you.”

After Gan Ping's arrest, she confessed to all the crimes. Lin Qiupu didn’t participate in the interrogation. From the first moment he met her, he had hoped that the girl had nothing to do with the case. However, the more he investigated, the more she proved suspicious. He didn't know how to face her.

On the day of the case closing, Lin Qiupu went to see Jia Xingyun. The two met at a cafe. Jia Xingyun asked him what he wanted to drink. Lin Qiupu responded, “A glass of water.”

Jia Xingyun still ordered him a cup of Biluochun and said, “Yuqi is going to sue you for violent law enforcement.”

“I know. The lawyer's letter has been mailed to us.”

“You didn’t come and ask me to mediate, right?”

“No, I'm here for something else. I want to figure out every detail of the case. What was the so-called ‘perfect killing plan?’ Since things have come to this, you don’t need to hide it anymore, right?”

Although the plan wasn’t really related to the case, Lin Qiupu wanted to figure it out.

Jia Xingyun asked in response, “Is there a perfect killing plan in the world?”

“It doesn't exist. Murders will definitely leave clues behind. There are no unbreakable cases, only that there are police officers who aren’t careful enough.”

“I’ve been Jiang Yuqi’s friend for many years. I know what happened in his childhood. He always wanted to get revenge on his stepfather, so he clenched his teeth and climbed his way up in society. But the higher his worth, the less free he was. Mr. Chen found us that day. At the time, we were actually discussing this matter. We were discussing a perfect killing plan and finally I tho

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