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Chapter 186: See Each Other Again in the Next Life

On this day, everyone tried to confirm whether Chen Shi's reasoning was true.

They all re-checked the surveillance footage. There wasn’t any suspicious “woman” leaving the community that night. It seemed like the killer had a way to avoid surveillance.

All the hair in the pipes was identified as belonging to Ji Chunma.

After checking the online shopping accounts of the two victims and comparing it with the burned wigs and cosmetics, it was found that lipstick, foundation, eyebrow pencils, and false eyelashes were missing from the crime scene. In addition to all of these, there was a long, black, and curly wig not found.

The police immediately revised the wanted order and focused on investigating more than a dozen wig sellers and clothing stores in the city.

The arrest of a wanted man was different from solving a case. Ten days passed in the blink of an eye. Old Lady Liu claimed something had happened at home. After obtaining the police’s consent, she left with the reluctant Dog Egg.

Then, Tao Yueyue started school again.

On this day, Chen Shi and some members of the task force ate together. Lin Dongxue complained, "It's so tiring to catch someone. Every day, I stop fat, middle-aged women on the street to ask questions. It’s so tiresome."

Xu Xiaodong echoed her sentiments. "Also, there are so many men dressed as women in the bureau every day. I’ll be damned. It’s an eye-opener! I caught a few from the park who were selling themselves the other day. All of them were men. I asked them how they dealt with transactions out of curiosity and they told me that it was a trade secret. There was also a man in woman’s clothing who wore silicone breast inserts that looked like they were real. There was even a man who looked more beautiful than biological females. I might have to bend[1], okay? I’m now suspecting how many of the girls walking on the street are really females.”

Old Zhang said, "That guy appeared in the surveillance footage of several clothing stores, but he could never be found. He’s too slippery. He is indeed a wanted criminal who has been missing for five years. Little Chen, do you have any good ideas?"

"I really don’t this time. It depends on our luck. It’s always been hard work finding people… I’ll take my leave first. I have to go and pick Tao Yueyue up.”

Today was the first day of school. After picking her up, Chen Shi was looking around the whole time. Tao Yueyue asked suddenly, "Uncle Chen, do you like fat women?"


"You've been watching the fat aunties on the road."

"The police are catching a 'fat aunt' right now. I'm trying to pay attention when I see people of that description."

"Is it that person?" Tao Yueyue pointed at a blonde, big-breasted aunty who sported a small bag over her shoulder as she walked along the road slowly.

Chen Shi passed by this aunty and glanced at them from the rear-view mirror. Sudden

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