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Chapter 183: Secrets Behind the Facade

Strictly speaking, this case was beyond Chen Shi's ability. Almost all the members of the task force had to go out and find surveillance footage all over the place and interrogate witnesses. All the police officers who could be mobilized were dispatched.

In the afternoon, Chen Shi had nothing to do and went on the computer in Peng Sijue’s laboratory to watch a TV series while everyone busied away.

The appraisal and test work seemed to be calm in the eyes of outsiders, but the difficulties could only be experienced by the practitioners themselves.

The current focus was on the suspicious DNA found on the banknote, but Peng Sijue ran a dozen tests and found no match. Seeing that he found nothing, Chen Shi took off his headset and offered, “Try Jia Xingyun's DNA!”

“If we had it, we’d have tried it already.”

“Then don't test any more until we find his sample.”

Someone knocked on the door. It was a strange man wearing a dark trench coat. He said, “Hello, I'm an antique appraisal specialist. My last name is Zhang and Captain Lin called me in the morning. Why isn't he around?”

Peng Sijue replied, “The item is with me. I’ve only reconstructed one-third of it. Can you appraise it anyway?”

“Yes, sure!”

“Please follow me!”

The three got to the laboratory where two police officers were busy putting together two sets of fragments on the table. The antique appraiser put on his gloves and picked up a small piece to look at. “This is a new ceramic produced by a factory assembly line. Worthless.”

“Can we trouble you to look at the other set?”

The antique appraiser held up a black fragment and looked at it with a magnifying glass for a long time. He said, “This black glaze looks like Jun porcelain.” Then, he glanced at the other pieces. “The shape should be that of a small distilled-spirits bottle.”

“Is it an antique?” Chen Shi asked.

“Let's see... Huh. This should be an imitation Jun porcelain of the Qing Dynasty. If it was intact, the market price would be about 100,000.”

Chen Shi didn't care about its value. He asked, “Could this little wine bottle hold anything in it?”

“No one would do that!”

“I just asked whether it was possible or not. Could someone put money in it?”

“Yes, but it’s not recommended!”


“There is a lot of bacteria on banknotes, which may affect the appearance and therefore value of the item.”

“Thank you for your hard work.”

“You're welcome!”

After sending away the antique appraiser, Chen Shi proposed, “Check if there’s any bacteria on the pieces.”

The results came out quickly and Peng Sijue noted, “This small bottle has been filled with this banknote. The bacteria content of the two are very similar.”

Chen Shi responded, “It seems that Ji Chunma used it to hold this important banknote, but accidentally shattered it. Wang Xifeng saw that it was a banknote, so she didn’t think that it might have hel

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