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Chapter 197: The Suspect Flees

“Are you sick? I don't know her, so why should I lie for her?” The owner raised his voice and pulled out his mobile phone. After searching around on it for a while, he held it up. “Look, it clearly states on here that I confirmed the receipt at 7:23PM the other day.”

“It’s possible to confirm the receipt in advance. I need to remind you that it’s illegal to provide false testimony and evidence. Please come back and assist me with the investigation!” Lin Qiupu took out a set of handcuffs.

Upon seeing the handcuffs, the owner promptly tried to persuade, “Officer, officer. Hear me out and put away this toy first!”

Lin Qiupu stared straight into his eyes.

The owner scratched his head. “That day, she called me at 7:20 and said that she fell down and had to go to the clinic. As soon as I heard that she was a girl, I told her that I could wait. I didn’t think that she’d be an hour late. I starved to death and got angry but she kept apologizing to me. That was it.”

“So you forgave her and even lied to the police for her?”

Under Lin Qiupu's suspicious gaze, the owner began sweating like rain. “Okay, okay, let me be honest... I saw that she looked very cute and told her that I wouldn’t complain about her if she slept with me…”

“And then?”

“She came here the next morning. Very trustworthy! We did it in this house, but the experience was awful. She didn't move or make a sound during the whole process. It was just like raping a corpse…” The owner seemed really proud of himself. “Since she fulfilled her promise, I did what I said I would as well. I didn't expect it to be so serious. I really didn't know!”

“Nothing else, right?”

“No, no, I can swear!”

Looking at this guy, Lin Qiupu’s blood rushed up to his head and he really wanted to punch him in the face. In the end, he still restrained himself and squeezed out a word behind his gritted teeth, “Scum!”

“Yes, yes, I am scum. Please don't arrest me.”

“You will testify at the trial!”


Lin Qiupu said goodbye and made his way to the convenience store with a lot on his mind On the way, he was interrupted by a phone call.

A subordinate called and reported, “Captain Lin, we found the children of the victim's ex-wife. The boy was renamed Zhou Jierui, 27 years old, and the girl was renamed Gan Ping, 23 years old.”

“How did you find this information? Is it reliable?” Lin Qiupu tried to make his voice sound normal.

“It’s reliable. It was found through the real estate agent. The victim who wanted to take possession of his ex-wife’s estate had to get the two children to sign the contract to forego their ownership rights. The agent also took a long time to contact them.”

“Okay, don’t get off work yet. You guys need to stand by at the bureau and wait for my instructions!”

Lin Qiupu was waiting near the convenience store. At 8:50, Gan Ping appeared. She greeted him with a smile on her face. “Officer Lin,

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