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Chapter 192: Wife-killing Old Bastard

Early the next morning, Lin Qiupu got up on time as usual. After washing up, he found that there were a few stray hairs on the corner of his eyebrows. He held his tweezers in his hand and looked at the mirror as he fixed himself up for a long time. He felt a bit better before he ate breakfast. Then, he watered and pruned the plant on his balcony.

This was a honeysuckle plant that Song Lang gave him to improve the office environment. It was originally just a small potted plant, but after careful cultivation and nurturing, it had now grown into a large pot.

Lin Qiupu had a stubborn idea. He believed that as long as this honeysuckle was still alive, Song Lang would still be alive somewhere in the world. Just like how honeysuckle is also known as “Lonicera Japonica[1]”, he believed that Song Lang must be dormant and getting ready to fight back against destiny one day.

When he arrived at the bureau, it had just hit 8:00 on the dot. He greeted the colleagues from other teams along the way to the second team’s office. When he arrived, there were only a few people there that were either reading the newspaper or having breakfast.

“It’s just you guys?”

“The police station called and said that they found people that looked like Ji Chunma. Dongxue took everyone away.”

Lin Qiupu was very helpless. After all, Ji Chunma was the current major case. He said, “People who don't have a serious case on hand need to come to conference room No. 3 later on. We found the body of a middle-aged man on Shuangta Road last night.”

After a while, everyone available arrived. Everyone was very busy with work during this period of time. There were only five officers available to be mobilized.

In the face of five or fifty people, Lin Qiupu still debriefed the case with his usual serious tone and then assigned each of them some tasks. The first was to review the crime scene and find missing clues and physical evidence. The second was to investigate the victim’s interpersonal relationships, especially with his ex-wife and children. The third was to investigate the current clue that a suspicious man was seen around the house and determine the identity of the person.

Lin Qiupu went to the forensics department and Peng Sijue handed him a formal autopsy report with a poison appraisal certificate. Lin Qiupu said, “You’re very efficient. You got it done so early in the morning… The poison you found on the victim hydrocyanic acid? Cyanide, the king of poison!”

“There are not many channels to obtain cyanide, but the deceased was an electroplater and had cyanide where he worked.”

“I hear bitter almonds also contain cyanide.”

“Yes, so cyanide has a strong bitter almond flavor. In fact, it’s the taste of cyanide itself. However, it is very difficult to extract enough cyanide from bitter almonds. At least one ton of almonds is required.”

“Haha, it seems unrealistic then. I'll investigate starting fro

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