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Chapter 195: Dealing with Mr. Jia

Lin Qiupu went into the interrogation room, sat down, and asked, “Mr. Jia, where did you go on the evening of February 24th?”

The lawyer responded, “My client stated that he went to Zhou Taiyang's house for a private visit.”

“Time! What time frame were you there for?”

The lawyer glanced at the notes. “6:40 to 7:20PM.”

“Are you sure?”

“My client's concept of time has always been very strong. It can’t be wrong. Furthermore, he had an appointment at 8:00 that night. From Zhou Taiyang's house to the time of that meeting, it takes just about thirty minutes. You can check that out.”

Lin Qiupu glanced at the notebook next to his hands. Jia Xingyun's car was captured in the surveillance footage for the first time at 7:30PM, so it seemed like it could be correct.

However, Gan Ping had said that she left the building at 7:20 and brushed past Jia Xingyun. In her description, Jia Xingyun was going upstairs. Was Gan Ping lying?

It seemed that it was necessary to see Gan Ping again after the interrogation.

Lin Qiupu asked, “Did you take the elevator or stairs at the time?”

The lawyer asked Jia Xingyun and the two whispered in discussion. The lawyer replied on his behalf, “There weren’t a lot of stairs and the elevator didn’t come down for quite a while, so he took the stairs.”

“You and Zhou Taiyang’s backgrounds are so disparate. How did you two meet?”

“Through our work.”

“How was it work-related? One is the boss of a media company and the other is an electroplater.”

The lawyer discussed with Jia Xingyun. “This has nothing to do with the case.”

“It's up to me to decide whether or not this is related to the case. You just need to confess the truth!”

“Officer, please pay attention to your tone. Don't intimidate my client.”

Lin Qiupu was angry that a lawyer was passing on messages in the middle. It was really hard to deal with. He always felt that lawyers were a profession where people legally lied. He said, “Let’s change the question. Why did you give Zhou Taiyang five million yuan?”

“The client does not admit that it happened.”

“Oh, really?” Lin Qiupu sneered and took out the document faxed from the bank. “The bank has confirmed that a savings card of five million yuan was found in the victim's house which belongs to your secretary. You told this secretary to sell some of your stocks on the 22nd to open this account. How do you explain that?”

The lawyer whispered with Jia Xingyun again. This time, it lasted a particularly long time. Lin Qiupu waited patiently to see what ridiculous reasons they would throw out at him.

The lawyer finally spoke and said monotonously, “It was just business.”

“Business? Can I understand it as a transaction? What was the product?”

“An idea!”

Lin Qiupu sneered. “An idea? How clever! You don't even need to bring out the evidence. You just thought of that just now!”

The lawyer reminded him to pay a

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