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Chapter 187: Ji Chunma's Confession

In the interrogation room, Ji Chunma ate a large boxed lunch and explained his crimes in fives and tens[1].

He was originally a rich second generation, but his family suddenly went bankrupt. One day, his father drank too much and cut his arteries with a small knife. He then sat in the only luxury car that hadn’t been confiscated by the bank and raced the car around for around ten kilometers. He had wanted to see if he would die from blood loss or from a car crash first. Ji Chunma didn't even know how his father died in the end, but he hated his father for putting on a show and messing up the only luxury car he could have used to pick up girls.

He had nothing left except for the stinking problem of spending money. It was impossible to work. It would be impossible to work in this life.

Therefore, he could only rely on his friends to help him. The people he was closest to were the Lu family’s brothers, particularly the second son. The second son was known as the Lord Meng Chang[2]of Long’an City, who made lots of friends and had a magnificent personality. Although he was infamous for being a spoiled brat, both men and women loved him.

The second son of the Lu family once said that he didn't care that his friends were poorer than him. No matter how rich they were, they were poor compared to him anyway.

Ji Chunma acted like a bootlicker, eating and drinking with the second son all day long. Later on, Lu Zhendong sought him out in hopes that Ji Chunma would do something for him. Yes, Lu Zhendong asked him to play Infernal Affairs[3]and report back on his brother’s affairs.

Relying on these small reports, Ji Chunma received a considerable income. Later, Lu Zhendong's conditions increased. He was asked to betray Lu Zhenjie and call the paparazzi and reporters whenever Lu Zhenjie was playing around with female celebrities or when he drove into someone with his car. When he impulsively decided to dive into the realm of rock and roll, Ji Chunma was instructed by Lu Zhendong to hide a pack of heroin in the hotel where Lu Zhenjie lived and then call the police.

However, no matter how much he worked against him, the second son had all of his father’s never-ending love for him and him alone.

However, drug-use was a bit out of line. Old Man Lu was afraid that his baby boy would stray on the wrong path, so he banned his son from playing with bands and sent him to a drug rehabilitation center to control his finances.

In those few months, the second son had no money to spend. He was so anxious that he didn’t know what to do with himself. That was when he came up with the idea of kidnapping. He persuaded several friends around him to participate, including Ji Chunma. The second son vowed to ensure that even if they were exposed by the police, he would tell them that it was not really a kidnapping. He would protect them all if that were to happen.

Everyone started this farce for money.

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