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Chapter 203: On-site Investigation

Lin Qiupu decided to leave first and left it to them. Chen Shi stared at the victim's seat and thought without a word. Lin Dongxue urged, “Help me check the luggage!”

“You check it first. I want to check some areas around here.”

Chen Shi opened the curtain and entered the flight attendant's resting lounge. Lin Dongxue and other police officers began taking out the luggage under the seats one by one to investigate them. After checking each one, they made a circle on the passenger list.

When opening one particular leather suitcase, Lin Dongxue felt that there was something on the outer wall of the case. She called on the others to come and see, but there was no sharp object at hand. While she was worrying, Xu Xiaodong ran in and said, “Brother Chen! Where’s Brother Chen?”

Lin Dongxue stood up and suddenly felt dizzy. It took awhile for her to feel better. She asked, “Did you finish that experiment?”

“It's done! The test proves that the airport inspection is also flawed. Voila!” Xu Xiaodong took off his shoes and took out a pair of collapsible scissors from under the insole. “When I passed the security check, they didn't find anything hidden in my shoes.”

“Just right. Let me use the scissors.” After taking the scissors, Lin Dongxue frowned. “What's this smell?”

Xu Xiaodong bowed his head and smiled. “What do you think? It was hidden in shoes.”

Lin Dongxue cut the suspicious leather suitcase with scissors and found some pills in between the leather. Xu Xiaodong exclaimed, “Drugs! What an unexpected discovery.”

Lin Dongxue marked the name of the baggage owner and put a question mark next to their name. The pills needed to be taken for testing later.

Chen Shi opened the curtain and said, “Did you finish the investigation?”

“It's only half done!” Lin Dongxue looked at the long aisle ahead.

“I don't think the murder weapon will be found in the luggage. The murderer isn’t that stupid. Check the seats and garbage bags.” Chen Shi picked up a garbage bag and found the wrapping paper for food and a crumpled piece of foil.

Suddenly, he said, “I'm going to find Old Peng. You guys continue busying yourselves!”

“Hey, hey! Why don't you help?!” Lin Dongxue shouted after him, but he had already left.

Xu Xiaodong sighed. “That's what Brother Chen’s like. As soon as he thinks of something, he needs to go and do it. But he’s always so accurate.”

“Don't stand around. Come check the luggage together with us.”

In addition to this suitcase, they also found some cutlery with knives in another person’s luggage. This discovery surprised everyone, but when Lin Dongxue picked it up, they found that it didn't feel right. It turned out to be a rubber knife. No lethality at all.

However, just in case, she marked down the owner.

After checking all the luggage, it was eleven o'clock. Lin Dongxue almost couldn’t handle how tired she was. At this time, Chen Shi and Pen

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