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Volume 12: Case of Grandma Liu Murdering Someone

On February 12th, the fourth day of the first month in the lunar calendar.

Lu Zhendong's case was still in the process of final evidence collection. While the police were still working overtime, the "good citizen" Chen Shi seemed more relaxed and was finally able to spend a comfortable New Year at home.

There was a heavy snowfall in Long'an. Tao Yueyue was so excited that early in the morning she was wearing new clothes like red peppers and ran outside to rub snowballs to play with. She asked Chen Shi to accompany her in a snowball fight.

Chen Shi said, "I have to go out for a bit. You stay at home obediently, okay? Don't run too far in the snow outside. Be careful not to be abducted by bad guys."

"Are you going to deliver meals to Sister Lin again? Hmm, I don't care about others." Tao Yueyue said intentionally and then laughed again. "Did I imitate Sister Lin well?"

"You brat! She couldn’t order takeaways for the past two days so I had to deliver her meals for the past two days, not every day." Chen Shi blushed.

"Okay, you go. I will go back to study after playing for a while."

"Go and play a game. You’ve finished all your homework for the winter vacation. What else do you need to learn?"

The person Chen Shi was about to meet today was Lu Qixing. It could be said that Chen Shi was invited to see him.

He drove to Lu Qixing's hotel and the employee took him upstairs. Lu Qixing sat beside the bed and faced the window watching the snow in the sky and holding a bottle of champagne in his hand. His back seemed extremely desolate.

"Old Man Lu, happy new year!" Chen Shi greeted.

Lu Qixing slowly turned his head around like a puppet and paused for a while before saying, "Officer Song..."

"My last name is Chen!"

Lu Qixing stood up with a shiver and waddled over to pick up a cup. Chen Shi declined. "No, no, I drove!" He himself took a cigar from the bedside to treat himself.

"Look at me. Everyone is reunited in the New Year, but I am all by my lonesome!"

"You deserve it. You already know about the case. Master Lu is indeed your son. The shameless look is much like yours back in the day!"

"I have eaten dinner and even gone to bed with many celebrities, but no one accompanied me to watch the New Year."

"Is this showing off or complaining?"

"Haii, I only have lights to keep me company and a lock to watch my house... The nights ahead are desolate!"

"Just die then."

Lu Qixing glared at him. "Would it kill you to just console the lonely old man?”

"Old bastards are also worth consoling? Why didn’t you spend the New Year in the detention room where it's quite lively? All of them are talented people and they speak nicely."

"I gave the kidnapped woman a sum of money so she won’t sue me."

"It's nice to be rich!"

"Yes, do you want to be rich?"


Lu Qixing took a sip of wine and shook his head. "If Zhenjie we

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