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Chapter 176: Human Noodles

Peng Sijue took the knife in his hand to examine it. It wasn’t clear whether it was the knife that the murderer had used to kill the two victims. He handed it over to a technician to take back for further testing.

The forensic investigator noted, "Something seems to have been cooked and left in the pot?"

Everyone moved to the kitchen and opened the lid. There was a pot of leftover noodles with a layer of frozen oil floating on it. Lin Qiupu swirled the contents of the pot with some chopsticks a few times and fished something out. "Cooked noodles with pork and preserved vegetables."

Peng Sijue seemed to suddenly think of something. He picked up the chopping board, wiped it with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol, and put it in the testing kit.

Staring at the chemical reaction in the kit, Peng Sijue informed the others, "There is some human blood in it. This pot of noodles is probably made from human flesh. It’s most likely the piece that was missing from one of the victims."

Everyone looked at the pot and immediately shuddered. After the killer had killed them, he was hungry. He actually cut off a piece from the victim to cook and eat.

Lin Qiupu had only encountered a few of these extremely inhumane killers since he had become a police officer. "Bring this back for testing."

Someone outside said, "Brother Chen is here!" There was excitement that could be detected in their voice.

Lin Qiupu thought,Who is the captain right now?As he went out, he was thinking of how to greet him when he suddenly found that Chen Shi was bringing along a little girl. Lin Qiupu was shocked and said, "Children are not allowed in! Get out!"

Chen Shi said, "Yueyue doesn’t have any material to write about for her winter vacation report. I just took her here for a visit.”

"Do you think this is an aquarium or something? Get out! Get out!"

Chen Shi poked his tongue out at Tao Yueyue and Lin Dongxue offered, "Yueyue, let me take you out for a walk."

Lin Qiupu instructed, "On your way, get a copy of the surveillance footage."

While Tao Yueyue was pulled away, she turned around to Lin Qiupu and pulled a face at him. Lin Qiupu wondered whether this girl was Chen Shi’s daughter.

Lin Qiupu said to Chen Shi, "I know you are very capable ..."

"Captain Lin, I didn't come to show off. Let’s hurry and take care of this matter. I still have to go home and cook.”

"And that isn't called showing off? That aside, did you flag down an old lady yesterday?”

"What about it?"

"The old lady was looking for a relative named Wang Xifeng, right?"

When he got to this Red House community again, Chen Shi didn’t think it could be so coincidental. He looked at the corpse on the ground and said, "Is that her?"


Peng Sijue said, "There were many fingerprints of an old person here among other things that also held a few sets of fingerprints.” While he was explaining this, an inves

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