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Chapter 166: True Murderer Revealed

A police officer was sent by Chen Shi to monitor the window of Cheng Yan's house while the others went to the Internet Café to surf the net comfortably. The internet café was already bought out and could be used as they pleased.

Xu Xiaodong opened the game they played last time and Chen Shi saw him in golden equipment, riding a donkey-like and unicorn-like mount. Chen Shi said, "Are you still playing this money-sucking online game?"

Xu Xiaodong nodded and explained slowly, "My wife supports me and gives me all the equipment I need to level-up quickly."

"Your wife?" Lin Dongxue raised an eyebrow.

"In the game!" Xu Xiaodong explained.

At this time, a few boys came in to access the Internet. The owner of the Internet cafe claimed that it had been reserved and the boys walked away angrily. Chen Shi called Old Zhang to call them back in and told them that they could access the Internet for free, but only on certain designated machines. Also, they weren’t allowed to tell anyone about it.

The boys who were called back were very happy. They handed cigarettes to Chen Shi and said, "Uncle, are you a police officer? Are you on a secret mission?"

Chen Shi glanced at the perspiration around his lips and said, "You aren’t 18 years old yet, right? I won't hold you accountable today. After you finish going on the computers, go home and do your winter vacation homework… Also, don’t talk to us.”

"Tch, you’re just police! Is that meant to be amazing or something?"

Three or four waves of children came in one after another and the Internet cafe finally became lively. Chen Shi had his reason. If Cheng Yan came in and found it was just full of uncles who weren’t talking, she’d definitely be suspicious.

Lin Dongxue sighed. "The net is cast, so now we just need to wait for the canary."

The police didn’t know what to do. After all, they didn’t usually go online. Someone started up League of Legends and got an immediate response. Everyone split into two teams and faced each other.

The losing party was extremely annoyed and some people asked, "Who’s the marksman? Is it Brother Chen?"

"No!" Chen Shi held his cigarette butt, his face was full of boredom. "I'm the Teemo you dumped on the ground."

The curious police officer looked around and walked in front of Lin Dongxue. She suddenly minimized the window and pretended to be listening to a song. The crowd said, "Dongxue, it wouldn't be you, right?"

Lin Dongxue then opened the game interface. It was indeed her and it caused a burst of exclamation. Lin Dongxue was embarrassed to say, "I have played with my brother for a bit. It’s not that I’m skilled. It’s just that you guys are too bad.”

"Okay, okay, come carry me! I'll come to the red team." Chen Shi changed his attitude immediately.

"Brother Chen, you are too cunning!"

While waiting for the game to start, Chen Shi called the police officer on monitoring duty. The

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