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Chapter 181: How Do We Look Good Together?

Chen Shi was about to leave when Jia Xingyun and a glamorous female secretary came out of the elevator. The two were talking and laughing. Chen Shi glanced at the front desk lady. The lady at the front desk was embarrassed and said, “It was what CEO Jia told me to say.”

“Have you been well, Mr. Jia?” Chen Shi greeted.

“Officer Chen! What wind brought you here?” Then, Jia Xingyun instructed the female secretary, “Little Hua, go to the car and wait for me.”

“Are you available to talk?”

“This way, please!”

There was a rest room in the company which looked like a high-end coffee shop. Jia Xingyun poured three cups of coffee from the coffee machine and brought it over. He sat down and looked at Lin Dongxue with a smile. “Miss Lin changed her hairstyle today. You look more and more beautiful the more I look at you.”

Lin Dongxue brushed her hair in embarrassment.

Chen Shi asked, “How much do you know about the kidnapping of the second son of the Lu family five years ago?”

Jia Xingyun spread his hands out. “I was just an outsider at the time, so I probably don’t know much more than you all.”

“Do you know someone named Shi Sijin?”

Jia Xingyun poked his temple with his finger as if he was trying to remember. “I know him. He was an employee of our company who misappropriated public funds for investing in stocks and was fired. I didn’t sue him and just told him to show himself out… Is this relevant to the case five years ago?”

Chen Shi stared into his eyes. “Please repeat the last sentence again.”

“Does this have anything to do with the case five years ago?”

Chen Shi didn't see anything unusual and Jia Xingyun smiled. “I have a wide range of interests and psychology is amongst them. When people lie, they pay too much attention to the sentence itself. They will use the left-side of their brain more, which is the logical side. The right half of the body would unconsciously create a small action... Officer Chen, did you suspect that I was lying?”

“You know a lot.”

“Did I lie?”

Chen Shi smiled, “It seems Mr. Jia is quite innocent.”

“If it’s convenient to disclose, what case are you investigating this time?” Jia Xingyun looked at Lin Dongxue.

Chen Shi replied, “It can be disclosed, but you must keep it a secret... We may catch the killer who killed Lu Zhenjie and the mastermind behind the scenes in the near future!”

The last sentence was like a heavy bombshell that just got chucked out. Even Lin Dongxue was very surprised. Jia Xingyun's expression was still calm, but his pupils narrowed suddenly for a brief moment. Then, he grinned. “I wish you a speedy resolution for the case to make it fair for Zhenjie.”

After they left, Lin Dongxue couldn't help but ask, “What did you mean by mastermind behind the scenes? Did you make that up just now?”

Chen Shi stopped walking. “I speculate that Ji Chunma has been able to live securely the past

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