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Chapter 169: Crimes’ Finish

The next day, Lu Zhendong didn't come back until 9:00 in the evening. Because Lu Zhendong couldn’t wash clothes, Cheng Yan was still wearing a dirty maid outfit to play in the house. She had invented a game where she fed salt marinated meat to the dog. After the dog ate, the meat would be so salty that it would squeal. Cheng Yan would then pour soy sauce in a bowl. The dog would be stupid enough to lick it and would scream louder. Finally, it would run to the bathroom and drink the water in the toilet bowl.

Cheng Yan regarded this dog as Lu Zhendong and used it to vent her humiliation and anger.

At 9:00PM, Lu Zhendong entered the house and told Cheng Yan to go back to her room to hide. It turned out that he had brought a guest back. It should be one of his friends. The two drank and chatted in the living room and from time to time there would be perverted laughter. Cheng Yan couldn’t remember their conversation, only a snippet of it.

"Zhendong, do you have hidden treasure in the golden house? Let her come out to let this brother see his sister-in-law!”

"It's not convenient as she’s just had a shower!"

"Haha, look at you. You can’t wait. I won’t disturb your good things."

The guest left and Lu Zhendong entered another bedroom. He wasn’t embarrassed in the least in front of Cheng Yan as he put on a set of home clothes. He went to grab two glasses of red wine and sat in a chair staring at Cheng Yan while letting out a perverted laugh.

The doorbell rang. Lu Zhendong got up and said with a frown, "The guest is here!"

When the man walked in, Cheng Yan's eyes couldn't be bigger. It turned out to be Zhuo Xuan! She buried her head in the pillow and kept sobbing, "Don't look at me! Don't look at me!"

"So you still know shame? Zhuo Xuan, stand here and watch how I fuck her!" Lu Zhendong laughed.

Zhuo Xuan's voice was angry. "I see."

It turned out that the punishment Lu Zhendong had given her was to humiliate her in front of the boy she liked to defeat her pride. Lu Zhendong was always very "creative."

Lu Zhendong immediately untied his trousers and prepared to get to work. Cheng Yan trembled as she tried to hide herself in the pillow. She didn't want Zhuo Xuan to see her ugly appearance. Lu Zhendong forcibly pulled her over, pressed her hands down with his hands, and began to rape her.

Cheng Yan was full of tears as she saw Zhuo Xuan who was motionless behind Lu Zhendong. Slowly, he began taking out a knife.

Lu Zhendong laughed at Cheng Yan. "Even if you shatter your voice screaming, no one-"

At this moment, Zhuo Xuan stabbed into Lu Zhendong's neck and the bed was splattered with blood. Cheng Yan was so scared that she screamed. Lu Zhendong slowly twisted his neck, glanced at Zhuo Xuan in disbelief, and fell down. His corpse lay atop Cheng Yan.

Zhuo Xuan pushed the man's disgusting body away and helped Cheng Yan up. His eyes brightened. "Sorry, I'm late!"

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