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Chapter 174: Unfamiliar Street

Dog Egg covered his cheeks that were red from being slapped with tears in his eyes. Wang Xifeng folded her arms and pressed-on ruthlessly, “There’s seriously no manners in this kid. He’s denying responsibility after breaking someone else’s things.”

"The child is still young!" Pingzi consoled.

"Small? Seven or eight years old is still considered young? My friend's child is very educated at this age. They’re nothing alike. He’s just too annoying to even look at!”

Old Lady Liu couldn’t keep the smile on her face. She looked very embarrassed and carefully chose her words to reconcile. “We can go out and buy a new one for you!”

"Buy a new one? You think you can just randomly buy a new one anywhere you go?"

"Niece, I'm really sorry..."

"Why did you guys even come to the city? You can’t even go anywhere properly. Just because we’re relatives? We have lots of things to do as well. Do you know how much it affects us when you suddenly just pop up like this? Can’t you notify us before you come next time?”

Mrs. Liu lowered her head, her ears burning red.

Wang Xifeng had a triumphant expression on her face as she glanced at Dog Egg. Dog Egg looked at her with a fierce glint in his eyes as if he was a puppy that had been kicked. Wang Xifeng said in contempt, "The child is already so big. He should really be disciplined. If he breaks things and then lies about it while he’s young, what kind of wicked things will he do when he grows up? To bring such an uncultured thing to someone’s home, aren’t you deliberately trying to give trouble to others?”

"Yes, yes, what you are saying is correct." Old Lady Liu could only agree. Judging by the other party’s attitude and tone of voice, it seemed like they weren’t going to pursue the broken antique compensation any further. As long as that was the case, it didn’t matter what kind of venom was spat at her, she’d gladly suck it up.

Dog Egg couldn’t hold it in any longer and yelled, "I didn’t do it!"

"Dog Egg!"

Old Lady Liu tried to pull him back by his clothes, but she couldn’t hold on. Dog Egg ran toward Wang Xifeng with gritted teeth, fire in his eyes, and his fists clenched so tight that his knuckles turned white and his nails cut the palms of his hands.

Wang Xifeng stepped back in fright and raised her voice sourly, "What do you want to do, little bastard? You want to kill and set fire here? You sure are promising!"

"Don't say that about me again!"

Dog Egg swept a bone china tea set on the small table next to the ground, then turned around and ran away. The sound of the door slamming echoed heavily in the room.

"Dog Egg! Dog Egg!" Old Lady Liu was anxious to catch up.

"What?!" Wang Xifeng widened her eyes in fury, "Trying to run away?"

She grabbed the collar of Old Lady Liu who had yet to go very far and said, "Old fart, you need to pay for that! I bought this tea set from Russia for thousands of yuan!"


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